BullyEyes to introduce their phone accessory product – Phone Lens attachment

As the product expands the phone camera opportunity to get impressive pictures and videos

Mo I Rana, Nordland, Norway – Natalya Forsbakk, the founder of BullyEyes is happy to announce their product called Phone Lens Attachment, to the general public. This Phone Lens Attachment product, comes with a Wider Angle, 12.5X Macro, and Star Filter to give you impressive pictures and videos. It is designed mostly for smartphones to take exciting travel photos and video, from brand new perspectives and as well, add more visual power to their portraits and group shots.

The lens works perfectly with any iPhone, including latest models with dual camera, iPhone 7 Plus. Due to the size of its holder, the lens does not work perfectly with the latest models of Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy 6 edge, Samsung Galaxy 7, Samsung Galaxy 7 edge), but efforts are being made to develop a new holder that will suite well with the Samsung Galaxy. Natalya says: “We are working on developing a new hold which will be released in the market very soon.”

Val, a satisfied customer has this to say: “WOW! I am amazed! These lenses boosted the quality and creativity of my phone pictures. They are very compact and will fit an even tiny purse; pictures are better than words, so I will just go ahead and attach some photos I just took of the Valentine’s Day flowers. I used Macro and Wide-Angle lenses in comparison with no-lenses pics.

“P.S When I opened the box I thought the seller only sent two lenses, but apparently Wide Angle and Macro are attached to each other, so you need to twist the Wide Angle lens off in order to use only Macro.”

Another satisfied customer, Y.R has this to say: “I did not know that there are lenses for smartphones. I have a Samsung, it is fantastic! Yesterday, immediately we made a few test shots, we were amazed at the quality of the pictures and volume. Super! Thank you!”

This product provides more visual excitement with phones, wild special effects using wide-angle image distortion, a new exciting way of capturing the world. The colors comprise of High-Definition Optical Glass, with 98% high-spectral transmission rate to ensure that light is not lost, which is necessary for colorful pictures. It comes with a multi-layer anti-ultraviolet coating to decrease the loss of light and protect the lens from scratches.

About BullyEyes

BullyEyes is a photography company that also deals on phone accessories and photo lens attachment. The phone lens attachment is specially design for cellphones with the goal of expanding phone camera opportunity to get more impressive images and video.

The fisheye lens bundle is a construction of two lenses: 120° wide angle and 12.5X Macro. This lens combination offers up a sense of fun and playfulness to images by distortion and exaggeration.  The 12.5X Macro lens alone magnifies the subject and provides an incredibly shallow depth. The 8-Point Star Filter of this product diffracts light into eight separate beams that radiate out from a central point. In other words, it will change the light source into amazing stars and add your pictures an extra brightness.

According to Tech Guide at www.guideandreviews.org, “BullyEyes Triple Lens Kit stood above the competition due to their amazing image quality, their easy attachment system (which is compatible with many third-party iPhone cases), and their convenience and portability; when compared with other lenses we tested, the BullyEyes produced better-quality images without any vignette.”

Media Contact
Company Name: BullyEyes
Contact Person: Natalya Forsbakk
Email: support@bullyeys.com
Phone: + 4747631511
Address:Nesnaveien 654
City: Utskarpen
State: Nordland
Country: Norway
Website: http://bullyeyes.com/phone-accessories/triple-lens-kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0RMJQF