The Now Academy Holding Design It! Workshop in Roseville, CA

Designed To Help People Create their Businesses to gain their lives!

March 22, 2017 – The Now Academy is excited to announce the latest Design It! workshop. This time, we’re bringing it to the Hyatt Place at 220 Conference Center Drive in Roseville, CA from April 7th to 9th.

This three-day workshop will help people learn about how to design and run successful businesses,on their own terms. We are trying to help people understand what they want to get out of their businesses as they start to work.

Our workshop is designed with a variety of plans in mind, and with a full-scope of different backgrounds for consideration. Entrepreneurs that have designed their own businesses, C-level executives, business owners or consultants can benefit from the workshop. We want to remain as inclusive and intersectional as possible. Our goal is to help all people looking to manage business operations understand what they can do to make them stand out and fit in well with the many demands people and their business may reveal.

The workshop operates with three thresholds of success in mind. First, we focus on teaching you about designing a business based on one’s inward vision and goals. Second, we also on focus on building your business with a public interface that makes it easier for your business to get in touch with all-new customers. Finally, we drive the concept home of sharing both these ideas and more, with a larger and more developed audience. When your business is designed to fit your life, customers are coming in that you want and you’re reaching out to more people than ever, you’ve got real synergy. Together, the results and knowledge you could learn from this workshop brings a new value to your business, and a new metric of business intelligence. The roadmap of the new world of business, is here.

Keynote speakers at this workshop, are three qualified business owners that are feted by their peers, with strong reputations for success. These speakers include Brandon Hintz, both the founder of The Now Academy and a prominent business strategist. Mike Driggers, Authority Marketing Agent and consultant who is among the world’s most in-demand experts in the field. Vince Baker, a public speaker and author who works with sales markets of all sorts, will also be at the event.

Within this workshop, people will learn to identify their core purposes and unique value propositions.Part of the investment within a company appears to be correlated to the capacity an individual has to grow. With no room for personal growth, the company remains intrinsically stagnant. Part of our process to get you up to speed running your own business is designing sales funnels, which your perfect candidate passes through on their way to becoming a customer.

Within the workshop, we explain how to gainfully use social media tofind natural matches. No longer waste time on futile social marketing campaigns. Get the tips that actually return results, without wasting staff hours in production for no results.

The information being promoted in the workshop will especially be critical to anyone’s success. This comes amid a desire to help people with managing their studies in a variety of ways.

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