Cruz Phone Cases Block Radiation to over 22 Different Cell Phones

March 22, 2017 – Cruz Phone Cases ( now offer cell phone radiation protected phone cases to over 22 different cell phones. The new cases are called Cruz Quantum Slider Cases and work as a high-tech cover that fashionably fits around numerous cell phones. 

Despite radiation health warnings printed in the cell phone user manuals, consumers still continue to hold the device next to the head/brain and body. Cruz phone cases provide radiation shielding from the powerful cell phone radio signals directed out of the front of the phone, towards the brain and body, without consumers having to change the way they use their mobile phone and without affecting the cell tower signal.

Cruz Cases are designed with a flip cover constructed and manufactured correctly to block and reflect back the powerful radio signals directed out of the front of the phone. “We like to think of our Cruz Cases as the next generation of phone cases,” states John Cruz, President of Cruz Cases Corporation. 

Consumers need only to press their phone into the Quantum Slider SureGrip pad with their existing back mounted phone case. The flip cover is opened to answer or make a call, then immediately closed to talk or listen through the flip cover with perfect clarity while the radiation is reflected back away from the soft tissues of the head and body. 

Cruz cases come in multiple colors and on sale for $39.95 at

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