\”Tomorrow\’s New Organizations\” – a new book by Bracha Klein Tayir, PhD

“Bracha Klein Tayir, PhD new book – Tomorrow’s New Organizations”
We believe that the business world has a spiritual aspect. That money is spiritual. Success is spiritual. That existence is spiritual. The same way we believe that our strengths stem from a spiritual source; that a body without spirit is like a corpse without life.

The great revolution that organizations are experiencing these days is an evolutionary one that reflects an ability to spin faster in a changing, accelerating, and complex reality, to climb to new levels―the 100th floor, the spiritual dimension―metaphors for the highest universal source, endless potential, knowledge of the truth of cause and effect, excellence, wholeness, and prosperity.

Tomorrow’s New Organizations is a fascinating journey to a new reality, where the Tomorrow Organization becomes a hotbed of evolution judged by its ability to grow and renew itself from within in order  to achieve higher dimensions of potentiality. A world where success is defined not by squashing competitors, using people, or fighting for survival. 

The Tomorrow Organization will learn to live with uncertainty and change, develop higher consciousness and creativity, attract new employees and develop collaborative relationships. The Tomorrow Organization will become more spiritual; will have more influence on people, will be happier and healthier, will become more resilient and durable, thus, more successful.

Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir – shares her multidisciplinary knowledge, courage to break boundaries, and spirit of invention and innovation in this book.

A holder of a PhD in education & leadership, from the University of SF and Berkeley , MA in  organizations and human resources from the University of SF, she has conducted postdoctoral research in creative thinking at the University of Buffalo.

In her 40 years of work, she has started four very unique consulting institutes (PTS, Tantalus, Eheye, and currently Argania) that promote future trends such as the “flirting” with uncertainty, conscious-creative thinking, personal leadership, and the four success abilities that rely on movement toward the 100th floor for developing organizations.

She has worked for many organizations all over the word including Koor, NASA, and Rafael; and has advised some of the leading organizations of Israel’s market such as Bank Hapoalim, Beit Ekstein, Tadiran, Bank Leumi, Comverse, the IAI, and more. She has taught at Tel Aviv University, the Ben-Gurion University, and the Holon Institute of Technology. She is a student of high knowledge (“Book of Knowledge”). She has written dozens of articles and four books. (the fith is in the process)

Materials, technologies, and tools that she has developed focus effort on growing and evolving in the “Top Line”―looking for the source, the root, the reasons, the supreme human being; this is the line that dramatically influences the consequences of the traditional “Bottom Line”―success, achieving destinations, wealth, happiness, love, etc.

She has helped others:

• Ascend to new heights of success.

• Find the inner courage to “flirt” with the uncertain and to unlock doors of surprising knowledge, inspirational and creative ideas, and new opportunities.

• Decide with more focus and effectiveness (gaining control over thoughts).

• Narrow down fixations on what is no longer relevant and create a new motion that allows discovering existing strength and wealth.

• Empower physical–mental–spiritual immunity and health (becoming a “gold-collar” worker)

• Get life’s reigns back into people’s and organizations’ hands, enabling them to operate from a place of freedom, high consciousness, and happiness.

• Turn the workplace to a space of quality cooperation (quality relationships).

• Reduce response time, accelerate processes, and create growth and development with little effort.

• Develop executives as powerful, influential, attracting leaders, who are present in a place of modesty, patience, love, and trust.

• Develop the main leadership as a Leadership: CCO – COO – CEO.

The author, Bracha Klein Tayir PhD, has been a senior organizational consultant for the past 40 years.  An inventor of a new language and approach in business, she has previously published 5 innovative books on organizations.

The book is now available on www.ContentoNow.com and Amazon.com

Meet Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir on her Argania Center website or LinkedIn

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