Lintech Introduces Magnetic Card Dispenser & Card Collector for Different Applications

From parking lot management to automatic vending machines, these card dispensers and card collectors can help simplify the task with different types of card reading functions.

Today, magnetic cards are used in many applications, such as automatic vending machines, banks, parking lots, public transport ticketing and others. These applications are fitted with card dispensers and card collectors that have different types of card reading and writing functions. Lintech Enterprises brings card dispensers and car collectors that are designed with advanced features.

They have introduced the magnetic card dispenser that can be used in self-service kiosks and vending machines. It features three different types of card reading function and can be used for different card dispense functions. The card dispenser supports different types of cards and can even operate dirty cards. The card dispensing machine comes with a modular structure that allows easy maintenance and disassembling of the machine. The machine also features smart card space adjustment and a high precision card transmission.

Lintech Introduces Magnetic Card Dispenser & Card Collector for Different Applications

The company also offers the card collector that is suitable for functioning in all kinds of bad environments, such as dust and dirt and can also operate distorted cards. With a rational construction, the collector allows a fast receiving of cards. It is equipped with smart protect function, it can operate on many card screens. One can also control the card flipping as per their requirement. The spokesperson of the company maintains that the machine can have a significant temperature operating range of 20 to 60 C degrees. It can accept different types of cards, made of plastic, polyester or paper.

Lintech’s magnetic card dispenser machine features ISO7816 standard contact card read and write function. It can allow all card dispense function and can also operate dirty cards. Available with six optional card space adjustments, the card dispenser ensures absolute card unanimity of the card space.  It also supports bi-directional reading and repeat reading, which makes it suitable for many practical applications, such as automatic vending machines, bank self-service kiosks, parking lots and others.

One can learn more about the card dispenser or card collector and their features by visiting the website

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LINTECH is a high technology corporation, dealing with different kinds of security products. These products can be used in banks, telecom, transport systems, underground parking lots and more. The main products are; Card Issuing/reclaiming reader, Automatic-reclaim card machine, Electric Card Reader, Automatic counting machine, Card issuing/ reclaiming reader and writer. The company focuses on researching market demand and client’s feedback to produce and Re-marketing/Distributing products.

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