Babypillars, using the “First Step” Method, takes Baby’s first steps seriously

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Several years ago, as she was working in a women’s shelter, a lady with a passion for raising children was able to see a myriad of young children grow up, facing different situations and different environments. From this firsthand experience, complemented with professional studies, this woman set out to create a resource that could help parents through the foundational years of their children’s lives.

It’s no easy feat, considering that between parenting magazines and websites like Motherhood, Babycenter, and Parenting, there are plenty of resources you can go to if you feel stuck as a parent. But when you live in the Information Age, there’s no anticipating the flood of misinformation ready to pop up as you type in some key words to Google.

So how do you know what you’re getting is the best, especially when your baby has just arrived and you feel overwhelmed with the early days of parenting a newborn? That’s where this lady, Anat Furstenberg, and her new company, Babypillars, steps in to solve that problem.

On their website, BabyPillars offer a mixture of free resources and products that help parents understand their child’s milestones and development periods. These milestones are broken down by age and event (such as “first steps” and “0-3 months of age”). In a video series, a qualified instructor goes through different facts and exercises to help parents connect with their child through these foundational years.

In addition to their video tutorials and analytic breakdown of different developmental milestones, Babypillars has the support of a well-established method of raising children, a highly professional and accomplished educator, and supportive customer care. All of this is designed to plug the holes of current parenting sites and resources, where the company works toward milestone development alongside the parents as they sift through the good, the bad, and the frighteningly misinformed parts of childhood development.

Babypillars has already gotten quite a bit of followers and registered users. For a fee, membership is offered which includes access to Anat, Babypillars’ noted expert leading the video tutorials. She is also available for personal consultations in New York, London, and Tel-Aviv. Millions of parents worldwide are looking for an emergent game-changer in parenting. The First Step method used by Babypillars, combined with the hands-on expertise of its founders and the streamlined efficiency of its web-based media, seeks to do just that.

The goal of Babypillars’ tutorials is to accompany you, the parent, and your children, in the most foundational, developmental journey of your child’s life.

The video series are built in 5 different age groups, corresponding to the various developmental stages your baby will go through in each group. In each video series, you will be able to reference the stage your baby is currently experiencing.

BabyPillars tutorials will grant you some quality time with your baby, as you carry out the exercises thoroughly, in a meaningful and educational way, wherever you are. BabyPillars gives you and your baby the enriching developmental environment you and they deserve.

Parents just need to choose their baby age group from 5 age groups; 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 12-24 months and follow along the tutorials. There are only 5 age group to choose from now, but the site will continue to expand to cater parents of children up to the age of 8 years with the help of our dedicated instructor.

Years after working with women in shelters, Anat’s passion to help parents and their children live the best life possible has become a reality.

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