How to ride an Airwheel E6 folding electric bike?

If you want to find out the freshest fast electric scooter, Airwheel will be the most appropriate one. Pure design brings Airwheel mini electric scooter pure allure. The first sight of Airwheel E6 Smart Electric Bike will tempt you to have a try.

Airwheel E6 can be regarded as the freshest electric scooter, as E6 is the latest electric bike in Airwheel E series, with ungraded performance. Pure design brings Airwheel E6 pure allure. The first sight of Airwheel E6 will tempt you to have a try. Airwheel electric hoverboard is excellent in function as well, which is the main reason of its constant popularity.   

Being efficient and portable, E6 Smart E Bike can be conveniently carried to metro, office, classroom or shopping mall, and be stored with ease into car truck and working places, making a seamless point to point connection achievable, and enjoyable.

For the sake of riding comfort and safety, the pedals of E6 are made of aluminium alloy material. They are scratch-proof, anti-skid, and durable for heavy use. It selects a ventilated rubber saddle in innovative left-right design. Whatever your body shape is, it guarantees balanced force on hips to bring a more comfortable riding experience.

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Airwheel Ideawheel E6 Best Electric Bicycles is solid with high-end texture. Getting bored with cheap polished plastic casting? Why not give E6 intelligent e bike a shot? The shell of Airwheel E6 is made of top quality composite materials of magnesium-aluminium alloy, which combines the merits of these two textures, to be more exquisite, sturdier, scratch proof.

The motor of E6 is upgraded to be more powerful and quieter. You can ride it freely into elevator, to supermarket, classroom, or anywhere you have to go, and will not be stopped for its being extremely compact and barely making any noise.

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Nowadays, big data analysis affects various aspects of life. The data processing and reporting capabilities of Airwheel E6 electric folding bike display its future developments with high-tech data analyst technologies for better improving riding experience and comfort.

Its App realizes fault self-diagnosis that guarantees your safety before travelling. Also, the attentive intelligent design to set the speed level makes it easy to control even for the first riding. 

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