Shower Cabin Supplier JT Spas Sources from Wider Range of Trusted Manufacturers

JT Spas is a well-known supplier of a variety of bathroom products, including shower cabins and other types of shower enclosures and cubicles. Now, its customers can choose from a more extensive range.

JT Spas has made it a point to partner with a broad array of manufacturers when it comes to sourcing the bathroom products it has on offer on its site. Thanks to this long-running partnership, JT Spas is able to give its customers plenty of choices in bathroom supplies and products, whatever it is they are looking for.

Those who would like to refurbish or remodel their bathrooms with a new shower enclosure will be glad to know that JT Spas has a more extensive selection to suit their diverse tastes and preferences, as well as budgets. The selection of shower cubicles available at JT Spas runs the gamut from standard hydro shower cabins to more luxurious models, complete with an array of features such as massage jets, rain shower heads, aromatherapy features, music options, and more. There are also steam shower and bath combinations on offer for those who would like to have the added convenience of a bath with their steam shower.

The manufacturers featured on the JT Spas website include such names as Royce Morgan, Hudson Reed, Aqualux, Insignia, Jupiter Showering, Sensual Spas, Aquaplus, Opus, and more. For customers who are looking for the most trusted manufacturers for bathroom products (particularly for shower cubicles), JT Spas has a broader range today.

The shower cubicles have varying prices as well. For those with a budget of £500 and below, there are some interesting choices. This includes the Aquaplus Hydro Massage Shower Cubicle for only £495. Also available is the Kinedo Consort Watertight Saloon Door Shower Cubicle/Pod, measuring 700mm x 700mm (ideal for smaller bathrooms), which is £499. Another manufacturer, Sensual Spas, offers the White Quadrant Hydro Shower Cubicle Self-Contained Cabin for only £499 at JT Spas, but its regular retail price at other shops is £620.

JT Spas describes its shower cubicles and enclosures best: “We value the importance of showers inside every bathroom – a shower invigorates the body and relaxes every exhausted mind. Considering this principle, we are committed to give only the best deals to customers, especially on our range of shower cabins. Our products are made from the finest materials and were manufactured using top-caliber standards. It is our motto to satisfy and meet the expectations of even the most meticulous of our clients.”

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JT Spas is a trusted and popular bathroom product supplier in the UK offering budget-friendly yet high-quality bathroom products, including a varied shower cubicle selection. All its products can be found on the JT Spas website.

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