Pop Up Stands With Different Sizes Ideal For Different Trade Shows And Exhibitions

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Joining trade shows and exhibitions is a popular way for businesses to get some much-needed exposure. And with the right pop up stand size depending on the need and location, businesses can benefit from more audience attention.

UNITED KINGDOM – 23 Mar, 2017 – Pop up stands are seen in almost every exhibition, trade show, or other major event there is, and they have already proven their effectiveness in many ways. Pop up stands, also referred to as exhibition stands, are a good way for businesses to let customers know about their products and services, inform an audience about new offerings, or simply let a target demographic know that their particular business exists.

Roller Banners UK is one company which has been specialising in a wide variety of pop up stands and other pop up displays for years. The firm offers a quality printing service (as well as a design service) for companies looking to promote their wares through roll up banners, outdoor banners, X banners, double-sided banners, posters, wide roller banners, pop up stands, and more.

The pop up exhibition stands available at Roller Banners UK are made from lightweight yet high quality materials, making them easy to set up and transport. In addition, they come in different sizes as well. Customers can choose from standard sizes such as 3 x 1 or 3 x 2, but they can also opt for bigger sizes, including 3 x 3 and 3 x 4. Aside from being able to choose the size they prefer depending on their need and the placement of the pop up exhibition stand, customers are also given an option regarding the type of display they want – whether they would like the pop up exhibition stand to be a curved display or a straight display.

Roller Banners UK adds, “The stand is supplied with everything you need to easily and quickly set up straight out the box. Supplied with high quality printed graphics, pop up frame, hard wheeled carry case, printed case wrap and 2 lights – the full and complete package – you won’t need to select any optional extras.”

Once an exhibition or trade show is over, customers can also easily pack up and store their pop up stands for use in the next exhibition or trade show they would like to join. As well as being lightweight, these pop up stands are printed on special material covered with a laminate which is anti-glare.

About the company:

Roller Banners UK is a printing service provider in the UK specialising in banner and flyer printing, brochure and exhibition display printing, and more.

To learn more about its pop up stand selection, visit the website.

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