Dry Heat Baseball Announces Amazing New Programs To Help The Community

Phoenix, AZ, USA – March 23, 2017 – Grandson and Ex General Manager of Phoenix’s renowned Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant, Jeff Killeen has announced that his new company, Dry Heat Baseball LLC is now in the process of getting its 501c. Dry Heat Baseball is a company that gives baseball lessons and starts new club teams. The company has helped inner city baseball and failing Little leagues, put on baseball clinics and helped to initiate a lot of after school programs for teachers and students. The new programs announced are for aspiring players to have Baseball Instruction, Baseball Clinics, Charity Work, and Club Teams.

In addition to organizing these helpful programs for the students, the non-profit venture also arranges reward trips, gift cards and other free stuff for the students and teachers. In addition, the company also helps less fortunate people with health insurance and medical needs and housing, etc. With such great and inspiring charitable ventures, the company has won a place in the hearts of the local people of Phoenix and surrounding areas, alongside Dry Heat Baseball, the Tee Pee restaurant under Jeff Killeen’s influence has also facilitated and promoted failing sports programs to the fullest.

“Dry Heat Baseball is a company in the Phoenix Arcadia area that specializes in baseball instruction and baseball clinics for boys and girls,” said Jeff Killeen while talking about his company. “Our coaches are high school coaches or ex MLB players and we raise money through clinics and donations to help with less fortunate kids that have failing little leagues and have no teams to play on,” he added. Mr. Killeen believes that everyone should have a chance to play baseball no matter what financial problems they have. Alongside its charitable ventures to help people, Dry Heat Baseball is also forming club teams for summer and winter seasons. 

About Jeff Killeen

Jeff Killeen is a family member of the renowned Tee Pee Mexican Food and Dry Heat Baseball, LLC. He has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years and is also a baseball coach. The restaurant was started by his grandfather in 1958 and has been the favorite dining spot for many celebrities and families over generations. Dry Heat Baseball is his non-profit venture to help the communities, inner city, problems, anti-gang, give kids rewards for doing good in school, character development etc.

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Country: United States
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