24Diamonds.com: Leading Online Retailer Of Orbita Watch Winders

New York, NY – 24Diamonds.com knows fine watchmaking, and its mission is to make it accessible to watch lovers and collectors hailing from across the U.S. – and from all around the world. Headquartered in Midtown of New York City, the heart of global watch and jewelry commerce, 24Diamonds.com boasts 14 years of excellent service and thousands of timepieces and watch accessories sold to its diverse and dedicated clientele.

What makes 24Diamonds.com stand out, in addition to the company’s high standards of professionalism and impeccable customer service, is its exclusive network of worldwide watch distributors and retailers, which puts it in a unique position of being able to purchase brand name watches as well as luxurious watch accessories from suppliers “in large quantities, have a very low markup, and, as an online seller, operate at a very low overhead cost.”

As a result, 24Diamonds.com has seen the sales of “brand new high-quality timepieces, silver, gold, gemstone and diamond jewelry, loose GIA Certified diamonds, watch winders and other accessories” rise with each financial quarter, owing to not only its exclusive range of merchandise, but also to its ability to offer the latest, greatest products in the market, at a fast turnaround speed.

One of the famous brands of watch accessories offered by 24Diamonds.com is Orbita, the highly esteemed, US-based company producing the world’s finest watch winders, for both automatic self-winding and manual mechanical wrist timepieces.

Speaking of the company’s Orbita selection, 24Diamonds.com’s media representative stated that “We carry full selection of Orbita products: from affordable single, double, triple and quad winding devices to magnificent winder cabinets for 24, 36, 48 automatic watches. Orbita is famous for its patented Rotorwind and fully programmable winding technologies. You really can’t go wrong with Orbita watch winders – they will wind, not over-wind, any automatic or hand-wound mechanical watch made!”

Concluding his statements, 24Diamonds.com’s media representative commented on the factors that make the experience of shopping on 24Diamonds.com feel unlike any other offered by both brick-and-mortar and online retailers of timepieces and watch accessories, saying that “We are an authorized  dealer of high-quality watch accessories, and we take pride in offering professional customer service, official factory warranty as well as after-warranty service. Every purchased item comes with fast free domestic shipping. Worldwide  delivery is also available.”

To learn more about 24Diamonds.com, please visit: http://www.24diamonds.com/

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