Gifzign Software – The First All-In-One System For Creating Eye-Catching GIFs, Cinemagraphs, And Mockups

Gifzign is an all-in-one software for creating GIFs, cinemagraphs, and screen recording videos. It is a brilliant tool to make any website more attractive with its appearance. With cutting-edge moving pictures, it offers a competitive advantage to any website owning it.

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Instead of having to use various apps to complete a process of making a GIF visible on user’s site, Gifzign is a combination of all the GIF functionalities users will ever need in one single place. Therefore, Gifzign users can save a large amount of time and effort.

Users are enabled to create incredible GIFs simply, easily and quickly without having any high-level skills or expensive software. Moreover, with several special effects like filters, mirroring and blurring, they can also publish positive results on their websites or use the exclusive mockup technology so as to enhance their marketing campaigns.

There is no need for users to spend any additional fees for all of these benefits. Users are given the ability to convert a video into a GIF, customize it with amazing player skins, adding their own texts and images as well as select the most suitable positions for each proponent.

Not only does Gifzign software allow users to design GIFs in their own style, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to become outstanding on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Unlike other GIF-creating software that always concentrates on one feature, Gifzign is the only all-in-one GIF system that contains all the needed functions in one single place. Moreover, the Mockups feature is exclusive to Gifzign. As a result, it will have a definite positive impact on all areas of content engagement wherever they put the GIFs. The tool also offers many useful characteristics that will help marketers increase their marketing, branding, and sales online and offline.

How does Gifzign app work?

The company has come with a three step procedureto help users create stunning GIFs, cinemagraphs, and mockups.

Step 1: Users canturn any video on Youtube, Vimeo or their computer to a GIF instantly or record from their screen or camera.

Step 2: They cancustomize their GIFs with text, images, or other special effects like looping, Instagram-like filters, cinemagraphs and more.

Step 3: Instantly publish their GIF with a beautiful custom player on their website or with built-in mockup frames.

In addition, the bonuses being offered with Gifzign app are simply astounding and make using the software a whole lot easier. Some of the bonuses are as follows:

• Infobar
• IconCreator
• BannerSuite
• Video Frames
• Sales Page Editor
• YT Channel Editor
• Video Graphics Editor
• Header And Banner Editor

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