Navibees Is Now The Leader in Mena For Indoor Navigation Systems

Jeddah – NaviBees, a young fast growing company, has become a favorite among consumers, becoming the leader in indoor positioning systems. Highly popular in Saudi Arabia, they offer their services currently in the MENA region to better assist individuals who are traveling through malls, airports, universities, and other large, intricate locations. To date NaviBees solution covers over 2,500,000 m2 of indoor surface and continues to expand rapidly.

Individuals become lost, frustrated, or late to an event, when navigating complex locations, they are unfamiliar with.Incoming college students struggle to get around campus, consequently being late to class. Consumers spend hours at malls, becoming lost when trying to find a specific store, and travelers miss their flights when they don’t get the necessary assistance witharriving at their destinations. A problem such as this one arises when individuals try to navigate new or large complexes, with no guidance.

Just like an outdoor GPS gives drivers detailed instructors to get to their destination, NaviBees help those traveling indoors obtain their destinations quickly.  While the key purpose of this technology is to help consumers arrive to their indoor destinations, this indoor positioning system also serves as a way to track down the location of an individual in the case of an emergency.The intuitive technology this positioning system brings has provided a solution to navigating large places, targeting college students, travelers, visitors, and consequently, the general public.

NaviBees takes pride in the assistance they give consumers when helping them arrive to their destination in a safe, timely manner. Consumers can download and utilize the NaviBees smartphone application to find their way around indoor places all from their mobile device.

This method of transport also serves as an entryway in acquiring marketing data for malls for example, because while consumers use NaviBees, this company is able to see their location, determining what stores tend to be most popular or the busiest times of days.

“NaviBees allows facility managers to understand people’s movements and the ways in which buildings are being utilized,” says a company spokesperson.

This improves the usage of space and helps to perform location-based marketing campaigns that provide unique insights from advances analysis tools.

NaviBees is proud of the indoor navigation system that they have created as a valuable service for the general public.NaviBees enables individuals to travel safely around indoor areas, ensuring they are getting one step closer to their destination. A must-have modern solution for all large indoor structures.

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