[Updated] Nowhere FC Proposes Crowdfunding-Backed, Trans-Media Art Show “FOOTBALL CONCIERGE #05: FRIENDS FLY FREE”

NEWYORK, NY – Nowhere FC Club, the New York-based soccer club comprised of non-professional soccer lovers distinguished for their unique artistic flair, is on a quest to rally soccer and fashion fans alike, in order to host the fifth installment of the its highly successful ongoing event series, Football Concierge. Titled “FOOTBALL CONCIERGE #05: FRIENDS FLY FREE”, the trans-media art show is set to be held in the Fly Nowhere nanogallery, headquarters of the Nowhere FC Club.

The event will showcase the eponymous, Football Concierge “experimental design-system based around hand-built football jerseys and football supporter (“Football Casual”) culture art, embedded into the world with real fans and clubs, and built to travel.” 

Instead of using big-brand blanks as jersey base bodies, each piece, designed in collaboration by Nowhere Club FC members and event supporters, will be built entirely from scratch.

The final pieces will be used to create a unique installation, made by Fly Nowhere Gallery staff members, and put on display inside the gallery, throughout the event’s duration. The public is invited to view the installation, while they can also watch a pitch out in the 100 Forsyth Park located in front of the gallery, or enjoy one of the many European matches playing on one of the screens of the adjoining Football Club café.

In a move befitting the Club’s rule-bending, fashion-forward fusion of the art of garment making and sports/street-wear culture, each jersey constructed during the “FOOTBALL CONCIERGE #05: FRIENDS FLY FREE” will have a matching, “twin” piece.

Upon the event’s conclusion, individual jerseys will be sent out to event supporters, while each jersey’s “twin” piece will be sent to a friend or organization of each supporter’s choice, which can be located anywhere around the world. This way, each jersey effectively serves as a postcard reflecting the event’s message, spreading it, across all corners of the earth, to soccer fans, art supporters, and their beloved alike.

Contrary to the four preceding events, the “FOOTBALL CONCIERGE #05: FRIENDS FLY FREE” event, will be funded, in its entirety, by supporters of the Nowhere FC Club’s crowdfunding campaign, which is currently live on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, and will conclude April 4th, 2017.

Those wishing to support the Club’s “FOOTBALL CONCIERGE #05: FRIENDS FLY FREE” event organizing effort, can do so by visiting the Club’s crowdfunding campaign’s page.

The Fly Nowhere nanogallery is located in Lion’s Gate Field, 100 Forsyth, NYC.

About the Nowhere FC Club

Nowhere FC is an amateur soccer team which began in 2010, and has developed their own system of hand-dying and embellishing or customizing famous soccer shirts, and used this to make items for big teams, small teams, friends and celebrities alike. The team is a diverse collection of creatives and players from all walks of life and all parts of the world who use their perspective of diversity to create a unique, united global style, combining sport and fashion.

To learn more about the Nowhere FC Club, please visit: http://footballcafefc.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: Fly Nowhere
Contact Person: Diego Moscoso
Email: commish@studiosport.nyc
Phone: +1 917-587-0773
Address:100 Forsyth St
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
Website: http://footballcafefc.com/