C-MOBB RECORDS Partners With XLVIIMAG To UP Online Presence For Indie Artists

Top music marketing company C-MOBB RECORDS has partnered with leading online entertainment magazine XLVIIMAG to leverage online presence for indie artists through free music submission on the popular magazine portal.

MIAMI, FL – 24 Mar, 2017 – Leading music marketing company C-MOBB RECORDS has recently entered into a partnership with elite online entertainment magazine XLVIIMAG to help out indie artists to leverage their presence online. As part of the tie-up, C-MOBB RECORDS would now be able to enable the budding musicians to submit their music for free on the esteemed portal of XLVIIMAG website. Much to the delight of the aspiring musicians, the partnership signifies an excellent exposure for them before their prospective audience online.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have recently entered into a tie-up with top-shot entertainment magazine XLVIIMAG. They have graciously agreed to feature the talented works of our potential independent musicians on their website and the best part is that the entire submission would be free of cost. XLVIIMAG commands a magnum culturally-enriched reader base and your feature before them would mean a great milestone for your career. It’s a rare opportunity for our indie artists to bag massive exposure before those who actually want to hear them and it will eventually translate to an elevated online presence for them,” stated Lemar Bryant, the VP of marketing and A&R for C-MOBB RECORDS.

Indie musicians from any kind of genre are welcome to submit and feature their music for free on XLVIIMAG through C-MOBB RECORDS website. They would just have to fill up the Submit Music form from the “Music SubmitFree” section on the website and enter basic personal and song details to submit their music link.

Speaking on their inspiration behind the partnership, Bryant stressed on their mission to help the artists to reach up to the masses, that too at an effective and cost-saving way.

“We are aware of the struggling phase of the indie artists and we know how so many talents go unnoticed just because of the absence of the right exposure. We don’t want that to happen any further and thus this initiative. As the music submission is free, our struggling indie artists won’t have to worry about budget for marketing their tracks to the world. With XLVIIMAG by our side, together we are looking forward to usher in a new business model to the current music business scene for our talented indie artists,” noted Antonio Bryant, the Chairman of C-MOBB RECORDS.

Added to the free music submission initiative, C-MOBB RECORDS has also come up with its Make A Move Magazine (printed version) to leverage the indie musicians.

“We have got a cool cost effective deal for our indie artists with our Make A Move Magazine. We will get you an exclusive feature on the front cover in as cheap as $150! Besides, we are soon to add another printed magazine to our roster named ‘47kingsnews Magazine’ to up your online presence further.”

To submit your music for free and to flaunt your talent online before a massive audience, visit www.cmobbrecords.com

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