Local SEO Announces “Get Page One First, Then Pay!”

FORT COLLINS, CO – 24 Mar, 2017 – Sky High Media, LLC aColorado SEO company near Fort Collins, CO serving all of metro Denver and elsewhere throughout the United States and overseas and specializing in Local SEO, known as local organic placements for “city + niche” keywords and working closely with contractors, consultants, coaches, attorneys, doctors, chiropractors and dentists has just announced in a live television show called Colorado’s Best, that it will “put its money where it’s mouth is” and offer first page, organic GoogleTM rankings first, before accepting or requiring a payment.

98% of the world of Internet Marketers and search engine optimization professionals alike offer their services for a monthly fee or a percentage of ad spend, however, nobody promises page one placements first, before requesting a payment. That’s unheard of in the marketing industry, because a lot of work goes into optimizing a website, getting it ready for Google’s crawlers and showing prominence, relevance and authenticity that are compliant with the myriad of Google™ algorithms. 

There’s on-page optimization strategies which take a few days to implement, and off-page link building strategies that take weeks, sometimes months, to show GoogleTM and other major search engines that you’re popular and deserving of page-one placements.

Most SEO’s claim that nobody can make the guarantee of organic page-one rankings because “you can’t predict Google” or “what if Google makes a major algorithm change and what used to work no longer works, then what?” Sky High Media responds to these statements with, “Because we are experts in showing Google that your website and online presence is the most relevant, popular and authentic answer to bring up for a search query, we are ‘exempt’ and we continually achieve top rankings for the best keywords in half the time it takes everybody else and we maintain those placements all year in spite of new algorithm updates.”

Colorado SEO company, Sky High Media, goes so far to prove themselves as being ‘the best’ in search engine optimization, by recently offering to the public full on-page optimization and high page-rank link building services up front, as well as a written guarantee that business owners, will achieve page one organic placements for any of their top or primary keywords within 90-days or less, after which they require a payment to keep those placements and maintain them all year. 

Mr. Adler, the CEO, goes on to say, “Perhaps the best part about working our firm is that never tell clients to blog or do social media. We invented everything we do and we steer clear of traditional marketing methods like blogging, social, reviews, directories and paid ads which is a 6-12 month mindset with no guarantee of results.”

Whether you’re already working with an SEO and want to supplement efforts or you’re actively pursuing and exploring new options for your website and online marketing, Sky High Media invites you to request a free consultation, website audit and PC to PC demonstration of how they optimize and organically rank websites page one, fast.

Request a free website SEO analysis today or schedule your PC to PC demo of Sky High Media’s flagship SEO product, which guarantees page one rankings in 90-days or less without any upfront investment until page one placements are achieved and get found faster in online search!

Watch the LIVE TV segment on Colorado’s Best featuring Sky High Media at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRltd6y5wKM&t=46s

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRltd6y5wKM&t=46s

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