Pegasun releases System Utilities to speed up computer

24.03.2017-Arizona-based software company Pegasun (formally known as Synei) released their highly anticipated System Utilities version 4.30. An award winning software that was designed to bring consumer’s computer’s health back to brand new condition. 

Ref Chowdhury, Founder of Pegasun, claims “Just like cars, computer needs to be maintained. Luckily for us, we won’t need to take it to a repair shop every few months. All we need to do is make sure our operating system is running efficiently. The best way to do that would be using a software that is designed to clean, tweak, repair, and secure your computer.” 


This is why System Utilities was built. System Utilities not only performs the most crucial computer maintenance tasks in 1 easy click but it also aims to make your computer run faster than it has ever before. There are many ways this is achieved but the top three ways are:

  • Cleaning your computer so it has more space and less files to search through.
  • Reducing unused windows services that are still running in the background and taking away precious resources.
  • Intelligently finding and reducing memory hog programs that are loading/running in the background without your consent. 

System Utilities also includes over 20 additional tools for advanced users. These tools range from backup manager, file/folder encryption, temperature monitor, spyware defender, and so on. 

System Utilities has both a completely free version and a premiere version. Free version is generally ideal for most consumers. However, many decides to upgrade to the premium version for that extra speed and features. It is available to download for free on their website. 

About Pegasun

Pegasun offers vibrant free software solutions that are designed to maximize the speed of a PC and to accomplish a variety of other tasks such as clean up, tune up, backup, and secure a home computer.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pegasun
Contact Person: Ref Chowdhury
Phone: 425-405-1677
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Country: United States