The Hidden Connections between Animal and Domestic Abusers Could Save Thousands Upon Thousands of Lives Each Year

SCOTLAND, UK – 24 Mar, 2017 – When you see an animal being abused, there is a good chance that a human being in the same household is also being victimized. The statistics are shocking. It has long been known that children who hurt animals are more likely to become domestic and child abusers as adults. Now, thanks to the America-based Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), we now know that the abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans, often simultaneously. Studies done in England, Australia and the United States prove that animal and human abuse often happens at the same time.

For those who wonder why the victims of abuse stay with the abuser, the ALDF also reports that nearly half of them stay in violent households because they are afraid for their animals. Many are afraid that they will not be able to take their animals with them and love their pets too much to leave them alone with the abuser. “Countless numbers of victims never leave their abuser for just this reason.”

As these connections between the two types of abuse have come to light, more and more cases of identified animal abuse have resulted in prosecution for human abuse as well. It was by first recognizing the animal abuse that those human victims were helped.  The more animal abuse can be unearthed, the more people can be helped out of violent homes.

Passionate about ending abuse against both human beings and animals, Wendy Sneddon is Secretary of The Links Group, a multi-agency interest group working to promote a Zero Tolerance Policy that begins with educating young children about empathy and standing up to all forms of abuse. “We should be educating pre-school children before they reach seven (the end of the ‘imprint’ period where kids’ beliefs are founded, and behaviours are developed),” says Wendy. She adds “children must not tolerate any form of violence to themselves, their pets or others. If they witness it, they should tell someone.”

Wendy is available as a media resource and speaker on animal welfare as well as an advocate for raising funds to help foster and care for animals fleeing violent households. She is also an award-winning author and fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. A UK-based experienced executive business coach with 25-plus years of helping start-ups, strategic planning, and staff management/training, Wendy is available to speak worldwide on those subjects as well as the connection between animal and human abuse. In addition to her successful executive coaching practice, Wendy is currently applying her skills and background in various business categories associated with her passion for helping animals; she is currently helping recruit for the Pet & Vet Industry.

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