G Sharp releases new album, hits DRT national charts

G Sharp, one of the main faces of hip hop from Oklahoma, released his newest album “G Sharp” on March 18, 2018, which is also his brother The Artist’s birthday.

G Sharp’s latest effort consists of 10 tracks, all written and produced by him (excluding featured guest verses). His biggest single thus far is “Celebrate” which features The Marvelous One and The Artist, 2 more artist from Oklahoma. Also, the only features on the project. The song has peaked at #107 on DRT National Top Independent Radio Singles chart (week ending 3/11/17), received over 3000 FM radio spins and over 20,000 total streams via Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube.

“This album is a true testament to my passion for music and my ability to work as hard as I can to truly create a masterpiece.”

“This album says “I can wake up and record an album out of my apartment, and actually have success without major label backing”.”

Those were two social media posts made by G Sharp following the release of the project.

The album is predicted to sale just over 200 units, which may be just enough to chart on Billboard.

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and 30 other digital music stores.

It is also available at gsharp918.com

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Company Name: Oasis Music News
Contact Person: Owen Parker
Email: oasischarts@gmail.com
Phone: 918-401-0537
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Country: United States
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