Ultrabook-battery.net Launched Latest Laptop AC Adapter and Notebook Battery Products

Ultrabook-battery.net, an ecommerce store selling all sorts of high-end adapters and batteries, recently launched their latest collection of laptop AC adapters and notebook batteries.

Ultrabook-battery.net, a global distributor of laptop batteries and adapters that has been in business since 1998, recently launched their latest collection of branded laptop AC adapter and notebook batteries. The replacement batteries and adapters which the company has launched come with manufacturer warranties. The owners said that buyers can now find the batteries and adapters for all the top-line brands such as Acer, Sony, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Asus and the likes.

The ecommerce store which has a professional R&D team at work also uses most advanced and sophisticated testing equipment to maintain top quality almost always. The products come with high-capacity cells and all the products are precision engineered and are thoroughly tested for capacity, voltage, compatibility, and safety so that original equipment manufacturer requirements are correctly met. The owners said that all their latest products come with one-year warranty. The original replacement battery and adapter products which they sell now are sourced from the factory of the original manufacturers or directly from the physical market. The owners also added that thy test each and every product before dispatching.

While talking about the latest notebook battery products which they have launched, the owners underscored the objective behind having an ecommerce portal. One of the co-founders said, “Most of the IT equipment users these days cannot find a dedicated store online to buy hardware components and in most cases, they have to rely on aftermarket suppliers. The problem with the hardware components sold in the brick-and-mortar market is that most products do not come with manufacturer’s warranty, certification and other documents. We have tried to create a dedicated ecommerce platform where buyers can only buy hardware components such as batteries, fans and adapters.”

The buyers of the store can avail the laptop battery products purchased from their nearest authorized warehouse or from the Hong Kong warehouse. The global distributor has warehouses in different parts of the world, including Germany, France, Australia, UK and the USA. The owners said that even wholesalers are welcome to buy products from them at competitive wholesale rates and sell the products to retailers in respective regions.

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Ultrabook-battery.net is a leading global distributor of laptop and notebook batteries and other hardware components.

To know more, visit http://www.innerbattery.co.uk/ or https://ultrabook-battery.net/product-category/laptop-ac-adapter/ 

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