Southeastern Intermodal Services: Over three decades of experience serving happy customers

Seven companies under one management offer variety of services with impeccable competence

Southeastern Intermodal Industries is a company that offers a variety of services including the largest off-terminal storage and repair depot in South Florida. With seven different companies each carrying specific portfolios, they provide services including container sales and repairs, trucking, storage, stuffing and warehouse, custom and modular container modifications and much more. The company also offers a variety of products and equipment to choose from, always providing the best products at the best price.

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“Southeastern Intermodal Industries is the premier source for intermodal needs due to our years of experience. We have the right products, resources, human resources and capacity to deliver high-quality services to any clients. We don’t stop working and fine-tuning until our customers are happy. After all, they are the reason why we exist,” said Angel Dones Sr., CEO at Southeastern Intermodal Services. 

Southeastern has one of the largest inventories of intermodal equipment for sale in the region. Customers can purchase used or new containerized powerpacks, reefers, dry containers, and HC dry containers. They also have highly trained personnel and certified inspectors performing repairs on containers, in the repair depot, which has different departments, including dry container, structural and mechanical reefers, chassis, gensets, EPA approved paint booth and more. Unique to Southeastern is their one of a kind EPA approved drainage system & container washout station with over 20,000 TEUs in capacity.

The company also specializes in modular modifications, transforming containers into modular housing, portable medical clinics, modular office spaces, mobile showrooms, and much more. In addition to the above, they also offer container transport & trucking services, stuffing and warehousing, and storage.  

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“Southeastern is a company that takes customer satisfaction seriously. We have over 35  years of business relationships, which have continued to flourish and deliver our valued clients to the right products with quality assurance. There is no alternative to quality, passion, and incredible capacity.”

Custom Modification

Southeastern has ongoing contracts with multiple clients to modify containers to include windows, doors, reinforced flooring, electricity, lighting, and custom paint. They convert shipping containers to modular homes, medical clinics and permanent or temporary space to house livestock and supply storage.

About Southeastern Intermodal Industries

Southeastern Intermodal Industries is a Florida-based company, offering a vast array of intermodal services being the largest off-terminal Storage & shipping container Repair Depot in the region. In over three decades of existence, the company has served thousands of businesses including giants like General Electric, Seven Seas Water, Caterpillar, SunBelt, and others.

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