Naturo Sciences announces Probiotics 5, a chewable supplement for kids

Product contains 8 probiotic strains and billions of live culture that ensure healthy tummy for the little ones

Kids like to eat plenty of sweet and sugary stuff that, one way or the other, contributes to a weak digestive system. For this reason, Natural Sciences, a company committed to researching and producing the purest and highest quality natural supplement introduces the Probiotics 5. The product is a natural supplement formulated to help kids develop a healthier and cleaner digestive system. The pack comes with 30 probiotic chewable to be taken once daily. The nitrogen filled blister packs relief painful tummy troubles and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics 5 is available for purchase on  

“Children love to eat everything that tastes good without considering the consequences. As parents, our responsibility is to caution them and make them understand the adverse effects. Probiotic 5 is an all-natural supplement specially formulated to work with the delicate guts of young children. It is packed with highly essential ingredients that are friendly to the stomach, but competent enough to relieve pain. Our product makes your kids happy always, thereby giving you rest of mind to enjoy your life,” said Jeffrey Sharman, CEO.

Probiotics 5 help children feel better when they have diarrhea or other stomach upsets. It keeps the kids active and healthy, maintaining a clean gut environment that is filled with disease fighting bacteria. It boosts the immune system so their body can fight diseases and ailments, and contains 8 kid-friendly probiotics strains with 5 billion live culture. Also, Probiotic 5 is made from natural ingredients like Larch Tree Fiber, Gum Acacia, and Chicory Inulin.

“I’m back to order a second box. My four year old started having tummy troubles and abnormal looking stool. She had some of the symptoms of Candida in her stool. After taking these probiotics, the problem went away. She likes how they taste. I like them too. It tastes like an orange flavored candy,” said Kay S, a customer.

Probiotics 5 is to be taken once daily. It is sugar-free, easy to chew and comes in natural tangerine flavor. Parents who have picky kids can hide it in snacks or crush and mix it with cold drinks.

About Naturo Sciences

Naturo Sciences was founded with the commitment to provide the very best nutritional supplements, made with only the purest and highest-quality ingredients. The company offers products designed to help people find a solution to health issues, and live a better and happier life.

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