Announcing the Launch of Runbl Magazine for Runners

Austin, TX – The newly launched Runbl Magazine introduces itself as a helpful resource for runners, serving as a site that expresses dedication to helping beginning runners succeed in their fitness endeavors. Containing creative contributions from experienced runners, the site covers a range of subjects relevant to running, including reviews on the top running shoes currently available on the market and training tips.

When it comes to finding reliable information about running shoes, it can be difficult for many to discern genuine recommendations from those that serve only to sell products for high profit. The creator of the magazine, Paul, fell into this trap with a sales associate when he himself was just beginning his fitness journey with running. Following his discovery that the sales associate he had spoken to had given him a misleading recommendation of running shoes that ended up harming instead of helping his running experience, Paul decided to start a magazine with others that would provide sincere, reliable guidance.

Runbl Magazine was thereby born as a resource for runners that strive to provide information to help individuals begin, improve, and succeed in their running goals. As it was created from a personal place and continues to be maintained by writers who are themselves passionate about physical activity, the magazine works to distinguish itself from review sites that serve only to boost sales for the most expensive running shoes and equipment.

The magazine features a range of content, from blog posts about trail races for runners, to training tips for those looking to run a marathon. The site also features reviews of quality gear for runners, including shoes that detail the pros, the cons, and all other information useful for deciding what kind of sneakers to buy to meet their individual needs.

“When I had my first bad experience with buying running shoes, I realized the opportunity I had to create a website that could provide information that’s truly helpful for beginning runners,” the site creator, Paul, comments. “The writers for Runbl come from all different backgrounds in running, but we’re all passionate about the common goal of sharing information that brings people together and really helps them.”

The newly-launched online magazine, Runbl, has created a stir of excitement in the running community already. Containing valuable tips for training and gear, the site offers runners a chance to engage in a community of other runners that share their passion, and benefit from the knowledge others can share.

Media Contact
Company Name: Runbl
Contact Person: Paul Gray
Phone: 608-338-8705
Address:1204 W Lynn St
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: United States