Guide To Social Media Marketing For Financial Advisors

Financial Advisor and Social Media Expert, Tony Hansmann gives 7 Secret Tips to help other advisors get more leads using Social Media Marketing.

Today, Great Financial Workshops, a Revolutionary Social Media Marketing Service Company, released a guide designed specifically for independent financial professionals.  The guide provides financial professionals with what they need to know when it comes to choosing a Social Media Marketing Company that would provide them with more leads.  “7 Secrets to Choosing a Social Media Marketing Company” lists seven key marketing secrets that are essential to evaluation a marketing company.

For example, Secret #7 explains the concept of client indoctrination. In marketing you have to create a relationship between you and the audience. Drip systems, where one email is sent after another email – are a relic of the past. They are outdated and don’t work! Most FMO’s are still using them and getting zero response. To succeed today you have to use a funnel system, know how to write great copy, and have marketing automation. Any marketing company that isn’t doing that isn’t going to get you the kind of results you need to see.

The guide goes on to provide information on the kind of content you want to see from a marketing company. Most marketing companies completely fail at social media. Their system is based on the presenter show casing their product or service. Advisors all want to tell the audience how great we are: how many times they have been on TV, Radio, in the News, etc. But people don’t care! Social Media Marketing shouldn’t be about the advisor – that’s why so may fail. Social Media audience is different from direct mail, they want to be educated…not sold.

One of the guide’s longest sections warns against marketing companies that have no sales process. The sales process provided by the company should be uniquely designed for Social Media. It needs to be uniform that can work for every advisor. It should include some kind of membership site that provides you with the guidelines you need to follow to succeed. Ideally with a podcast library or something similar created by someone who has had success with the process and can guide you through each step.

Great Financial Workshop’s guide also warns against rushing off and paying a company to do your social media. According to the guide “Many of them are running ads in the same city and overlapping advisors. Be careful with marketing companies that charge $6,000 – $10,000 or more based on the number of people they bring to an event. This is a poorly developed system because it puts all the risk on the advisor as the cost per acquisition can be very high and the advisor can be overwhelmed with appointments of people who have little or no assets. It sounds good that there is no risk up front – but truly the advisor is overpaying for his lead cost. And the incentive is for the Social Media Company to drive unqualified leads to the advisors workshop. Which ultimatlely puts all the risk back on the advisor!

The more you examine a company the more credible it should seem. Any company worth it’s salt will be associated with authority and accredited with the proper entities. Great Financial Workshops for example is associated with Tony Hansmann and his Best Selling Book: ‘7 Paths To Maximizing Your Social Security.’ Hansmann says, “Nothing is more powerful than being backed up by a real non-profit organization and having advisors who are properly licensed and certified to educated the public without pushing financial products.”

No matter how you feel about Social Media Marketing it’s best not to do it on your own. While setting up and running ads may seem easy, the algorithms that run them change often. It takes hours and hours to get actual results. And is truly a full time job. A true social media marketing company has to use several different sources to drive traffic. The thought of using just one like Facebook is a disaster waiting to happen. For example when google changed their algortims it put many social media marketing companies out of business overnight because that was their sole strategy. And training to learn the secrets on how to do this correctly can take many years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to perfect it.

Social Media Expert Tony Hansmann has a lot of experience when it comes to marketing for financial professionals. “I spent over 5 years, was working 18 hour days – 7 days a week, spend over 6 figures, put on 30 pounds, and worse – lost time with my family and friends before I figured out what worked and what didn’t.  Save yourself all that brain damage and hire a professional.”

To learn more about the guide – or how to effectively find a Social Media Marketing Company call Great Financial Workshops at 1-800-570-1832.

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