Author Harry Barok’s Memoir Reveals the ‘Untrained Psychic’

Delve deeper the controversial life of an ordinary man with extra ordinary stories

Harry Barok’s releases his first book, “Untrained Psychic” to uncover his personal and spiritual journey.

“Untrained Psychic” is a tell-all, well-detailed revelation of his life ever since he could remember. It talks about his unique gift as a clairvoyant which allows him to predict the weather and channel messages. As a child, he could see and communicate with some angels. Others assumed that he was simply different.

He uses his powers and that of professional psychics to transform a corrupt, abusive workplace. His Uncle George would actually communicate from the Other Side as to what the supervisors were planning. When he suffers from bladder cancer, he turns to holistic health plus traditional medicine and utilizes ESP at its best.

And along the way, the more he discovers the true nature of his psychic abilities the more he realizes and gains spiritual fortitude. Untrained psychic is a tale of a simple man who inspires the readers to overcome adversities by believing in one’s self and contemplating on life’s purpose.

“Untrained Psychic” graced international book fairs and on The Collingswood Book Festival in 2016 which aims to foster literacy and to celebrate books and reading.

And for the readers, he says, “I wish you luck in your journey of personal and spiritual growth! Further, in changing ourselves, we also make the World a better place!

Untrained Psychic

by Harry Barok

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About the Author:

Harry Barok, known for being a look-alike of the late Elvis Presley, is also an author, actor, comedian, singer, impressionist, ballroom dancer, skier, and kayaker. He was raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. His childhood life wasn’t so easy for being a victim of bullying due to his speech defect and some learning difficulties. However, he always felt his angels were with him. In fact, he would talk with them, even though he couldn’t see them always. Harry participated in the Woodland United Methodist Church, Little League, and Cub Scouts. His child study team predicted that he could never attend college but Mr. Barok obtained three different degrees, the last one as an MSW (social work) from Rutgers. Later, he would use his intuition and that of professional psychics to battle a corrupt place of work and defeat cancer.

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