Lois Lindenfeld Calls Out Strong Faith in Historical/Coming-of-Age Novel

A coming-of-age story that takes readers to a true world of friendship, responsibility and spiritual fortitude.

Missionary and teacher turned author Lois Lindenfelds passion for Alaskans history reaps fruits for publishing One Sitka Summer which is set in 1867. 

Its about the fourteen-year-old heroine, Eliza Healey, who faces lifes biggest challenge at a young age when her family moves to Alaska in the name of faith.

Eliza believes the idea of helping her family establish a new Evangelical Brethren Church in the Alaska Territory is exciting:  an innocent notion that soon slowly fades away.

Meeting a bear on a path in the forest is a test of her bravery. The shortage of food or hunger attempts to wane her strength. There’s also the harsh, cold weather that dares her endurance. And more, new people from different customs and religions seem to test her faith. Worst of all, the near death of her love ones almost removes her purpose of serving God. She realizes its not easy to keep the faith. Then, a gold miner Jed shows up to bring the message she longs to hear.

One Sitka Summer is an adventure and a poignant reality of family crisis.  As reviewed on Amazon, If you like historical novels, you will enjoy this book! Lois paints a vivid picture of what life was like in Sitka, Alaska during the transition from being a Russian territory to becoming an American one. The reader is transposed into the rugged circumstances that were typical during this time. The relationships between the various teens in the story and the lessons they learn are applicable to teens anywhere at anytime.

Most of all, the story emphasizes that the tribulations in life are all designed to shape up and empower each person. Lois says, Be content and keep life simple, and yes, she means it from the heart.

One Sitka Summer

by Lois Lindenfeld

Available on Amazon and other reseller 

About the Author

Lois Lindenfeld earned a master’s degree in special education from the University of Virginia. She taught in public schools for twenty-eight years and in Bucharest, Romania, for four years. Lindenfeld has also published materials for Sunday schools by Union Gospel Press. Retired, she has two daughters and several grandchildren. Heather Nelstead was born in Missouri and is a high school student in Montana. From a young age she has been involved in various forms of art including painting, drawing, theater, and choir. Having lived overseas for several years, she loves learning about different cultures and hopes to see more of God’s creation in future travels.

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