New Delayed Release Capsule Design Helps Actbiotics Gets Top Marks from Popular Health News Site Web Health Wire

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Actbiotics, a gut health supplement from Cellular Research Institute, has been rated highly by the widely followed heath news website Web Health Wire. The product’s new and improved capsule design has contributed significantly towards achieving this rating.

March 24, 2017 – Trusted health news website Web Health Wire has recently recommended Cellular Research Institute’s Actbioticsprobiotic formulation as one of the most potent gut health supplements on the market. Web Health Wire is a trusted name in the health and wellness community for their unbiased evaluation of different popular products. The high rating received by Actbiotics can be attributed heavily to its new,delayed release capsule design that ensures the delivery of more bacteria into the intestine. 

Probiotic products can play a stellar role in improving the gut health by delivering the beneficial bacteria into the human body. However, to ensure the best results, it is important that a high percentage of these beneficial bacteria reach the intestine alive. However, there are many products that fail to deliver them past the stomach acid. With the new capsule design of Actbiotics, Cellular Research Institute has ensured the delivery of the highest amount of living cultures to the intestines in the most effective state. 
Some of the key attributes of Actbiotics that led to the product’s high rating by Web Health Wire are as follows
• Experts suggest that a large variety of strains in one supplement is extremely beneficial. Actbiotics contains ten different strains of bacteria, selected based on the latest scientific studies. 
• Bacteria are measured in terms of the standard unit CFU. With thirty billion CFU per tablet, Actbiotics is capable of delivering more bacteria into the human system.
• Cellular Research Institute (CRI) stands behind their ingredients guaranteeing that they meet FDA standards and are free of harmful additives (vegan/ non-GMO)
Web Health Wire also takes into account the opinion of the genuine users of a product. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Actbiotics scored heavily here, too. In her review, one of the many users of the product mentioned, “I always had poor digestion and digestive irritation, especially at night when I slept, but I also figured out that my acne on my forehead and psoriasis were a result of my digestion. I tried many different probiotics, but this one really seems to be working for me.”
The manufacturer recommends one capsule of Actbiotics everyday on an empty stomach or between the meals. Though the product has made an immediate positive impact on some of the users, Cellular Research Institute recommends the consumption of the complete bottle for optimum results. 
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About Actbiotics:  Actbiotics is a probiotic gut health supplement formulated by Cellular Research Institute. This product has already been used with great satisfaction by over ten thousand people with digestive disorder. 
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