Single Cell TCR Sequencing Facilitates the Construction of TCR-T Cells for Creative Biolabs

Analysis of cell phenotype is a common single cell analysis target in immunology. However, the random rearrangement of the T cell receptor V (D) J gene region results in a complex change in the T cell population. This forms a large T cell force in order to identify specific exogenous proteins that trigger an effective immune response.

In order to achieve deep TCR analysis at a single cell level, the new immunological application—Single-Cell TCR Sequencing, can reveal the alpha and beta chains of each T cell receptor and discover the corresponding gene expression characteristics , Which provides a new method of TCR validation response for Creative Biolabs’ scientists.

This method finishes paired TCR-T cell construction from the RNA sequencing data of a single T cell, correlating the specificity of T cells with the functional response.

The new method combines the mature single-cell transcriptome sequence of the C1 system with a bioinformatics tool called TraCeR to reconstruct the T cell receptor sequence from single-cell RNA sequencing data. This tool includes reference files that can be used for human and mouse sequencing data.

Almost every T cell has a different sequence and antigen specificity. We believe that single-cell TCR sequencing and TraCeR provide researchers with a tool to explore the diversity of T cell receptor sequences and correlate antigen specificity with specific functional responses.

Single-cell TCR sequencing is the 15th single-cell method implemented on the C1 system. Other methods include RNA sequencing, targeted gene expression, miRNA analysis, genome sequencing and exon sequencing, targeted gene sequencing, and epigenetic applications. Each application of the program and the literature data can be found on the Script Hub.

The goal of C1 system development is to achieve a wide range of single cell applications to address the increasingly complex biological problems. The single cell research community can use the ever-expanding C1 application to understand important health-related mechanisms. We expect this single cell application to promote understanding of immune-related diseases and contribute to the development of new immunotherapy.

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