Play the New Green Energy Game with Treadergy Solar Modules

Hershey, PA – There is a game built around alternative, green energies. It’s a part of the same old control by the establishment, and one could exit it, if there were any viable options. Treadergy, with the help of its new solar power product, wants to be that option, and begin a new game where individuals can utilize solar energy to become free solar farmers.

Treadergy solar panels, made from recycled tires, promises to usher in a new way to create a cleaner environment. A grass roots religious organization, Treadergy’s new technology aims to give freedom from tax credits, grid connections and other monopolies. By minimizing grid consumption, each individual can reduce their carbon dependence, and use the new solar panels as building blocks for multiple uses.

Treadergy modules collect heat from the sun using a patented process, and can produce hot water, glycol or air. The modules are not only durable and scalable, but cost less and can be ported and adapted freely wherever required. The user can harvest both heat and electricity at the same time and with the same physical footprint, and offer an alternative to expensive and grid tied solar energy schemes. Without fragile glass and bulky metal, they are tough enough to take on a hail storm. Treadergy modules can even be glued or fixed with screws wherever needed.

The new solar modules are ready to begin shipping in May 2017 to US locations and internationally shortly thereafter.  Treadergy is also producing an educational animated series on FatCat Utility. This cutting edge technology can also be acquired as a completely functional educational toy by its members.

Treadergy is the new game where individuals can start playing the role of free solar farmers and help build a better tomorrow. The product is running its funding campaign on Indiegogo with a contest and attractive perks.

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About Treadergy

Treadergy is an Independent Unregistered Church that fosters education and employment of simple technology to offset individuals’ energy footprint. Our divine belief and mission is to help clean this planet for all of God’s Children.

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