FIT SELECTION Jewelry Launched to Celebrate and Inspire Fitness Lovers

Established by a group of health and fitness lovers, Fit Selection is a newly launched line of high quality, handmade jewelry that is inspired by fitness and sports activities with a goal to support displaying passion and enhancing motivation. The team behind the unique fitness jewelry line talked about their journey that led them to create Fit Selection, a company that offers some of the best handmade, trendy jewelry for fitness enthusiasts.

Each piece of jewelry within the line has been designed as a symbol of strength which signifies the unique fitness journey of every fitness enthusiast through an artfully crafted unique design that is handmade in Bangkok. The Fit Selection spokesperson said: “Our unique designs are specially made to be your daily fitness motivation, either if you are in the period of high performances or lacking in energy and determination, Fit Selection jewelry will be there as a personal reminder of your lifestyle goals.”

The line of jewelry includes dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, kettle bells, boxing glove and yoga pendants with the new additions being created regularly, the handmade fitness jewelry line caters to both men and women. The creators of Fit Select draw their inspiration from the determination and spirit of those who are committed to leading a fit lifestyle, this motivated the team to set up their own team of artisans and share their amazing work created by pure talent and skill.

“Due to the high creative energy we have, our natural growth took us on a journey of following latest fashion trends and handcrafting new elegant collections such as Minimalist & Geometric, Personalized or Nature inspired jewelry. We are constantly creating new designs, so make sure to check out our shop regularly. All of our jewelry pieces can be shipped worldwide within 1-2 working days. The personally crafted designs will be your favorite motivational token either if you are in need for an additional inspiration or just displaying your dedication. All of our jewelry is handcrafted from precious metals including Sterling Silver, Rhodium and Gold with a range of different finishes to suit all styles and ensure durability and resistance.”

FIT SELECTION’s pieces of handmade gym jewelry are individually crafted by an artisan using genuine high quality materials sourced from all over the worlds which ensures that each piece has multiple layers of uniqueness imparted by its unique design.

The team behind Fit Selection is excited to expand their world to cater to fitness lovers in different parts of the world. The company compliments their high quality, trendy jewelry with excellent customer services

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FitSelection is a company based in Thailand with a team of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who have set the goal to design a line of creative handcrafted jewelry pieces which will be more than just a jewelry item.

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