A New Site Launched for Learn Quran Online in the Easier Way

It is a fact that not all people can learn directly from the holy book, as it needs special set skills. These skills seem to be imparted smartly by schoolquran.com that has taken an initiative to learn Quran online.

The Internet has made it easier to learn the Holy Quran without visiting a mosque or an Islamic centre, especially for those kids and adults who find it hard to do so. It might also not be so easy for the Muslim sisters and brothers abroad to get the knowledge from the Quran book at their own convenient time. Well, for such people who can include even kids, schoolquran.com seems to be the golden opportunity to create that affinity.

While there are many other online classes for learning Allah’s message for living life, this one focuses on imparting the special skills by taking an online class on a 1-1 basis at your convenient time and at an affordable monthly rate.

The service hires only qualified male Qari and female Qaria as tutors for teaching online. This is because it aims to offer the best equipment and education for reading the holy book accurately.

As per a spokesperson, “To learn Quran online is not about the quantity of verses but it is about the quality. Here, quality means fulfilling the learning requirements such as articulating perfectly and following all rules of the Tajweed. So, we take utmost care of it and pave the way for all learners to connect to Allah at any time with both heart and mind.”

The service offers Quran courses for everyone, including women, kids, and families. The approach to learning is different for all of them, as teaching differs as per the age and reading ability of the learner at the other end. However, learners can easily learn the basic Noorani Qaida, recitation with Tajweed or Tafseer, Salah, memorization, and Islamic Duas.

To check out how reliable the online classes are, the service gives a 3-day trial period. The course that you select is systematically packed with definitions, explanations, examples, and practical exercises. The service also offers additional Islamic materials such as Kalmay and Islamic story books to better understand the lines of Quran.

About SchoolQuran

SchoolQuran is dedicated to offer Quran courses for people of all ages and children above 4 years. The courses are available for women, kids, and families so that they can learn Quran online with a committed tutor at any convenient time.

For more information, kindly visit http://www.schoolquran.com

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