Organic Device Release Series of Singles With Some Featuring Vocalist Minna

Electronic artist ‘Organic Device’ have recently introduced a bunch of new release from October 2016 to March 2017. Some of particular interest include new singles released called “Better Save”, “You’ll See”, “Flying High” and “Someone”, these feature vocals from the artist ‘Minna’.
Spanning across nearly two decades, Organic Device is an independent electronic artist which was established in 2000. The name ‘Organic Device’ originates from the fact that the music is arranged electronically, where the ‘device’ is the equipment used to create the sound. Organic relates to the expression of mood, idea and feeling.
Their last single album was released in December, however they are currently working on new material as we speak. The full details of tracks released from the latest album are as follows: “Different” , “Weekend”, “Space Dive”, “Twilight”, “A Dream”, “You’ll See”, “Flying High”, “Someone”, “Think of You” and “Can’t Get Enough”. The last single in 2016 is “Better Save”.
Music style wise, Organic Device has changed and evolved over the years. Currently not defined by one specific genre, their music can switch between soft sounds to a more harder aggressive style. This can also reflect on the progression and style changes of modern genre in general.
Not bound to one platform, Organic Device creates music for a range of different uses including: movie, TV, games, shows and more. This further supports how creative they can be, backing up their ability of diverse styles and sounds.
All aspects of the latest album ‘Different’ is created entirely by Organic Device, this includes composing, recording and mastering. The album is mainly instrumental, however it does feature some vocals that are produced by vocalist ‘Minna’. A mixture of tempos can be heard, along with various tempos and rhythmic elements.

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