Dr. Russell Gary Heikkila’s Memoir Says Goodbye to Hollywood and Embraces Holy World

Dr. Russell Gary Heikkila bravely shares his memoir, “From Hollywood to Calvary: One Man’s Religious Journey.”

A tell-all, no-holds-barred confession of a man’s turning point in life

For almost all people, Hollywood is everything – where fame, luxury, money and power meet.  No surprise, they do whatever it takes to get there. But not everybody is blinded by those sights. Dr. Heikkila says, “Hollywood thinks that I am I was perfectly fit for a film career; however, I chose a smaller stage:  pulpit size. Some had thought that my life had the blending of the prodigal and the prophet. My spiritual journey has taken me from Hope Street in Hollywood to Mission Street in the Kingdom of God-and that has been some journey.”

His captivating tale starts from Hope Street in Hollywood to Mission Street in Gardner—a journey that Heikkila labeled as “wilderness experience.” Through it all, Heikkila learned the most significant fact of his life. He states, “No matter how far a man may go from God, the Father is always waiting with open arms to welcome him back.” This opens doors and answers the question, “what really matters in your life?”

Intrigued by the tale, Dr. W. A. Criswell said in a review, “You will love reading this story. It is one in which all of us have passed through.”

From Hollywood to Calvary: One Man’s Religious Journey reminds the readers that worldly pleasures and mundane tendencies fade sooner than expected. It is the spiritual realizations that define the meaning of life and the faith in God to face whatever lies ahead.

Dr. Russell Gary Heikkila

From Hollywood to Calvary: One Man’s Religious Journey

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About the Author

Dr. Rusell Gary Heikkila went to Hollywood in the 1960s as a contender for the role of Christ in the major motion picture, The Greatest Story Ever Told. He writes a weekly column called Spiritual Insight for the Gardner News. He is a retired police chaplain. He has also withdrawn from service as a chaplain in court and hospice. He is currently serving as a certified master chaplain (CMC) for Homeland Security.

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