Booking a summer Trip? Why is the cheapest way to book a flight.

Hopefully you’ve recovered from your winter holiday travel-fest enough to appreciate the following story about how one website is edging in on the discount travel market. If the holidays have taught us anything (you know in addition to the fact that no – gingerbread is not a calorie-free snack) it’s that life and work come with some pretty hefty travel expenses.

We hear from creepy lawn-gnomes and annoying guys at parties that amazing flight deals are out there for the taking, but is it just me or is the reality that waits for us on the other end of our computers totally different?

Beyond the images of palm trees and lawn ornaments lies a complicated network of companies trying to charge you the most amount of money they can by tricking you into believing you’re getting a deal. Everyone always talks about how great being friends with a lawyer or MD would be, but I’ll take being BFF’s with a travel agent any day.

OK, so travel agents may not actually exist anymore (at least not in significant numbers) but now that the winter weather and the end of 1st quarter of the fiscal year are both in full swing – it’s natural to be on the hunt for someone to help you find ways to travel on the cheap. 

Same amount of travel for less moolah

Discount Flights is hoping to stand in for that travel agent friend and hook you up with some affordable travel options. This travel deal site is being branded as a search engine compare  that lets users search for real-time fares from major and discount travel suppliers both online and on their Android app.

Obviously the site helps people with their search for discount flights, but it hooks its users up with deals on other things too. Mainly booking deals on:

The word “compare” is usually associated with complicated processes and algorithms, but has a system that pools together information from a huge number of sources and presents it in the form of options in a straightforward format so users get to find the deal they are looking for without stressing.

Their parent company might be Asian Airfares Group, LLC but they offer deals from all over the place, and are driven (flown?) by a sincere desire to help their users land awesome prices on their travel purchases without having to jump through hoops.

There are numerous ways of paying less for airfare and hotels stays. Most people know that traveling on a Tuesday or Thursday helps to drop the price, and some sources say that the ideal time to buy a plane ticket is about 6 weeks before your estimated departure date. Sites like are changing the way we land deals.

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