Airwheel Released Six Smart Electric Scooters In The Past 2016

2016 marks a fruitful year for Airwheel. It is the right time to review the products of this year and look into the future. There are six products in total released and each of them may represent a technological and designing breakthrough in the industry.

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In 2016, Airwheel has released six products including C5, Z5, S8, E6, E3 and R5 and each of them may represent a technological and designing breakthrough in the industry. These products cover almost all the genres of intelligent electric scooters and have dramatically expanded the target customer base.

intelligent electric scooters

Airwheel S8 sitting posture electric scooter is an initiative and creative product in the history of the company. With the installation of a leather saddle, the operating mode has been thoroughly changed, in comparison with traditional self-balancing scooters. Riders may sit to ride and stand to ride. It supports a comfortable way of riding. As for Z5 standing up electric scooter, the most distinctive change is the replaceable battery design, to conquer the shortcoming of batteries. The special battery design also enables the vehicle to work in different weather conditions. Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet can be good equipment for the riders to keep safe driving and to enrich their journey with the adoption of camera, Bluetooth, App and high quality speaker and so on.

mini lightweight electric scooter

The E-series is another classic one apart from the intelligent electric scooters. E6 and E3 follow the tradition of the previous series with the instalment of branded lithium battery and high quality tires. They belong to folding e bikes with multiple folding systems and light weight. Also, the designs of E6 and E3 are eye-catching, E6 in X shaped design and E3 in “OO” design. As for the R series of electric moped bike, it supports three ride modes, man-powered mode, electricity mode and power-assisted mode to give more fun to riders during the process. Meanwhile, different modes are meeting more demands. 

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The product onslaught of 2016 represents a giant leap for Airwheel and the industry. The varied products leave customers more choices and the technological breakthrough is a boon for the society. Moreover, at the beginning of 2017, three new models have been added to Airwheel, C6, C8 Smart helmet and F3 drone.

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