SuperbCrew Interviews SaintyCo Export Manager on the New SaintyCo High Shear Mixer Granulators

“High Shear Mixer Granulators of SaintyCo”

SaintyCo, a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, today announced a new series of high shear mixer granulators.

This was during an interview with the SuperbCrew team, where Mr. Tony Zeng, SaintyCo’s Export Manager clarified that the company has announced 4 different series of high shear mixer granulators.

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During, the interview, Mr. Tony reiterated the company’s commitment to provide turnkey-solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. Announcing the 4 new series of high shear mixer granulators comes at a time when consumers are focusing on acquiring custom-made machines.

SaintyCo high shear mixer granulators are robust machines that can homogenize, humidify, granulate and mix different pharmaceutical materials. They are CE and cGMP compliant machines, with a Siemens PLC and can process either dry or wet powders.

Other Issues Mr. Tony Responded to During the Interview

Apart from the new SaintyCo high shear mixer granulators, other key issues addressed during the interview include:

Quality concerns in the pharmaceutical industry: Mr. Tony emphasized SaintyCo’s commitment to adopt strict quality control (QC) procedures, where they work closely with the U.S. FDA.

The company has also put other measures in place such as dealing directly with their customers. All SaintyCo high shear mixer granulators will come with a 1 year warranty and unique serial number.

Buyers can conveniently countercheck the details of their pharmaceutical equipment from SaintyCo database. This ensures that they have acquired an original pharmaceutical machine manufactured by SaintyCo.

Reasons behind SaintyCo success: Among the crucial aspects highlighted during the interview include a wide range of product line and SaintyCo’s unique patented technologies.

Furthermore, SaintyCo combines the American and European technologies alongside their in-house; besides the advantage of manufacturing in China.

Future prospects in the pharmaceutical machinery: Currently, SaintyCo has over 2,000 different series of machines. Making it a one-stop sourcing solution for pharmaceutical machines and equipment.

The company will also focus in designing and developing customized pharmaceutical machines.

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About SaintyCo

SaintyCo researches, designs and manufactures foodstuff and cosmetic machines. For over 15 years, SaintyCo has expanded to over eight factories that deal in different pharmaceutical machines and equipment.

The latest series of machines are the SaintyCo high shear mixer granulators

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Export Manager: Tony Zeng


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Media Contact
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