Awosoft Announces Hidden Call Recording and Surround Listening Features in iKeyMonitor Spy App

USA – 27th March, 2017 – iPhone and Android users who wish to keep a tab on their mobile phones can consider the aforementioned website for iKeyMonitor app. It is an online app that is ideal for parental control. Employers can also use it for monitoring the usage patterns of their employees. It has many features that can prove to be handy and with the latest 25% off limited time offer on the app, it has garnered a lot of interest amongst users.

Whenever a child uses a smart phone, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that he or she is safe and does not attract unwanted attention. It is important to know which websites or apps are being used. This can be accomplished by logging the keystrokes, saving passwords and other screen records. The iKeyMonitor app claims to do all this and much more. From a hidden call recorder to the ability to listen to phone surrounding, there are many useful features of the app.

Anyone can check the chats, emails, messages, calls and browsing history in an iPhone and Android phone without any hassles. Currently call recording is available for Android only and will be compatible to iPhone soon.

The website says, “With the 2 new features which can prove to be very handy and a 30 day money back guarantee, we have come up with an ideal spy app for phones. The ‘hidden call recorder’ and ‘listen to phone surrounding’ aspects can be comprehended easily. You can check the usage without being conspicuous. There have been many instances in which children have been targeted because of unmonitored mobile phones usage and we have an apt online solution for the same.”

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About Awosoft:

Awosoft is dedicated to providing monitoring solutions for phones, tablet and computers users around the whole world. It takes pride in delivering a combination of technology, services, and products that caters to accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of monitoring capabilities for parents. As a company with more 10 years of experience in the field, Awosoft team is passionate about serving users around the world with their rich expertise and client-oriented culture.

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