AMA with The_Donald, March 27th, 2017 Announced

The_Donald to conduct AMA with Peter Boykin, Activist, President of GaysForTrump, and major event organizer
“Internet Hero and Defender of Truth”

WASHINGTON, DC – 27 Mar, 2017 –

Peter Boykin accepted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) invitation on Reddit with The_Donald on Monday, March 27th, 2017 at 8 P.M. EST

The_Donald is a live chat forum for Donald Trump supporters on Reddit’s website where 400 thousand plus members have an opportunity to ask questions of guest speakers. Guest speakers sift through thousands of online questions and quickly answer questions live. Although there is a time limit, as many questions as possible are answered during this time.

Peter Boykin became involved in the political scene in 2008 where he was a supporter for Hillary Clinton. He became disenfranchised when Clinton lost the nomination and then the democratic party platform when the party began defaming Hillary supporters, deeming them “Racist.” After researching, he switched his support to the McCain and Palin ticket.

Boykin felt the Obama Administration left the country with little hope and no change and something needed to happen. He was hopeful Hillary was under some kind of spell with Obama and could support her in the upcoming election. However, it was apparent Clinton was an Obama puppet rather than simply an Obama employee and further disclosure of Clinton campaign donors, who are not only anti-gay, but condone violence against gays and women forced Boykin to withdraw his support.

Boykin’s political position was semi-private and was not publicly known until Donald Trump officially announced his intention to run for the office. It was at this time Boykin made the decision to officially change his party affiliation and come out publicly with #GaysForTrump.

During the campaign season, Boykin became a popular and a known activist with a platform against Clinton and in support of Trump. “I was impressed that right from the start, despite what the media may claim, Trump has supported my rights as a gay man from the start. So why shouldn’t I support him.” 

During the campaign Boykin hosted Gays4Trump booths at multiple North Carolina Pride events and put up several Gays4Trump billboards on the East Coast honoring victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida. He also planned and organized a Deploraball in the DC area during the inauguration. Boykin, along with his Talent and Booking Agent, jumped on board to save the March4Trump organization and it’s many planned marches and rallies. Together they successfully secured several high-profile keynote speakers and organized media for marches and rallies across the country. More than 50 successful marches or rallies occurred throughout the US on March 4th. One of which received a personal touch when President Trump drove past. He stopped and got out of his motorcade vehicle and waived to the participants. He also tweeted his gratitude to the participants of all the events. 

Boykin officially started his company, MAGA MEGA LLC., (MEGA – Making Events Great Again) after successfully planning and executing several excellent events. He plans to continue doing events and can be hired as an event planner as long as it does not conflict with his beliefs. He believes all people have the right to happiness and all people should be united rather than divided. Ironically his beliefs are the same as the United States Constitution.

Events currently being planned are: USAPray4Trump April 22, 2017, Deplorable July Festival July 1-2, 2017, The MAGA Awards July 1, 2017, and Trumptoberfest TBA.

For more information on this event go to The_Donald with Peter Boykin. Information about GaysForTrump or about Peter Boykin’s new company and upcoming events go to MAGA MEGA LLC or

Event Organizer – MAGA MEGA LLC
CEO, Peter Boykin (DC) 
Talent and Booking Agent, Tori Alby

Media Contact
Company Name: MagaMega LLC
Contact Person: Peter Boykin
Phone: 1-202-854-1320
Country: United States