Deltona Utility Projects to Increase Reclaimed Water Availability

DELTONA, FL – 27 Mar, 2017 – The City of Deltona’s utility, Deltona Water, is investing in its residents’ ability to have reclaimed water, by moving forward with two linked projects.  Reclaimed water is typically the source for irrigation and other non-potable uses.  These projects will increase the amount of reclaimed with the goal will be to reduce the demand on drinking water.  Additionally, the reclaimed water will return to the watershed by way of the recharge zones scattered throughout the City.  

The project consists of the installation of new treatment process equipment needed to treat stormwater to reclaimed water standards to provide more capacity to the existing reclaimed water system. Once the improvements are completed, the facility will be able to treat 4.0 million gallons per day (MGD). This phase of the project will also include storage tanks for raw source water and finished reclaimed water.

In order to reduce the cost of these projects for Deltona, the City entered into a Cost Share Agreement with the St. Johns River Water Management District for the construction phase of the first project, with the Water Management District pledging 1.875 million dollars.  The Florida Department of Environment Protection is also providing an additional 1.875 million dollars through the Springs Protection Grant Program.  The 3.75 million in grants will be paired with a low interest loan from the State Revolving Fund, which would have an interest rate between 0.0% to 1.0%.

The City has already invested millions of dollars on previous phases for reclaimed water storage that includes pipelines, rapid infiltration basins, reclaimed water grounds storage tank, and high service pumps that are all in existence today.  Deltona is also working with the Florida Department of Transportation on the Interstate 4 improvements project to treat FDOT’s stormwater to reclaimed standards and has already identified a pipeline corridor and is working on storm events to size pumps.

The water utility maintains more than five hundred miles of water and sewer pipe throughout Deltona.  Additionally, Deltona Water operates eighteen water locations, as well as forty seven lift stations throughout the City.  The utility also maintains two wastewater facilities, with the newest water reclamation facility going online in December 2015.  Deltona Water currently serves more than thirty-three thousand customers, who are residents of the City and Volusia County.

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