To List the Smart 2 Wheel Electric Scooters in Fosjoas

Up to now, Moben has launched five 2-wheeled electric scooters, including V9, U3, K3, U1 and K2. They help Fosjoas play an important role in the scooter-making market. Fosjoas electric scooters will lead in the mobile traffic field in the future.

Compared with Fosjoas unicycles and twin-wheeled electric scooters, the double-wheels electric scooters have longer range and easier to learn. They help Fosjoas play a key role in the scooter-making market. Up to now, Moben has launched five 2-wheeled electric scooters, including V9, U3, K3, U1 and K2. The first four models belong to self-balancing electric scooters that are controlled by the change of gravity center and K2 is manipulated by the accelerator in the handle.

2-wheeled electric scooters

The ease of use is the main draw of V9. Having stood on the board and going forward or back, the rider will steer it expertly at once. A large plant is home to hundreds of people and therefore it is not in the least realistic for them to access the opportunity to learn. V9 is widely adopted as daily transports, while U3 electric scooter is designed for outdoor activities with the upgraded design, like the 680wh battery, 1500w motor and 16inch tires etc.

electric scooter

To list the features of Fosjoas K3, there are a lot to mention. Fosjoas industrial designers have applied some pioneering safety element in K3, such as electronic brake system, hydraulic suspension and automatic turning induction. The electronic control helps the brake system to respond immediately. It is accurate and safe. The design of hydraulic suspension combines with traditional adjustable spring suspension. Even if on the bumpy road, the hydraulic suspension of K3 provides users with comfortable riding experiences. U1 saddle-equipped scooter is famous for the two sensing systems and it redefines self-balancing electric scooter with two ways of riding. It is more suitable for those beginners and at the same time those highly skilled players.

lightweight electric scooter

Different from V9, U3, K3 and U1, K2 lightweight electric scooter is manipulated by the accelerator in the handle and accords with principles of ergonomics, and changes the side standing which easily cause fatigue. Owing to the two-wheeled structure, Fosjoas intelligent electric scooters will be more popular in the future.

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