Airwheel Collect & Publish Frequently Appeared Questions To Portable Electric Bikes Riders

With the popularity of Airwheel idealwheel, about riding, especially those smart e bikes of Airwheel, many new riders have some questions in real application. In order to help them, the editor collects some frequently appeared questions and gives the answers for your reference and also names tips for attracting your attention during a ride.

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Perhaps it is a piece of cake to ride for a journey for those riders who take riding Airwheel marsrovers as a way of life. However, for those new beginners, they always encounter many problems. Today, we will answer you one by one.

Airwheel E6 e bike

Q: Are you really fit to ride?

A: Many people once worried that riding always costs certain energy and they do not have exercise in daily life so they are not confident enough for completing the whole path or they are not sure whether it is good effect for riding e bikes. As a matter of fact, Airwheel electric scooter can solve all those problems. Due to the three riding modes, riders can drive it completely by electricity or man-power or they can choose the semi-electricity mode and adjust the gear level ranging from 0~11. In this way, riders won’t feel too tired or lack of pleasure of exercise.

Airwheel Smart E Bike

Q: Only weekends are available, is it enough for riding?

A: For most office workers, they only have weekends for rest so it is enough to ride for a journey only in two days? Obviously, when you have Airwheel Smart E Bike, two-day journey is totally ok. E6 and E3 folding e bikes are all collapsible so they can easily be taken into buses, underground or car trunk. Thus, simple city travelling with riding Airwheel e bikes is realized. Besides, E3 backpack electric bike has its customized backpack so it is very easy to be carried after it is kept in the backpack.

Q: Where should we go for the first time?

A: You’d better consider the good road condition, shorten route and a place not far from where you live for safe riding with Airwheel MarsRover intelligent e bikes. Gradually, you will gain some experience for preparing next long journey.

Simple travel tips:

-slower your moving speed and enjoy the riding itself;

-take card instead of too much cash when you need to stay overnight.

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Hope it helps.

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