NASCARR NAT set out to collaborated with fellow artist J Hustle on an explosive brand new track, “Roll”

The song is a perfect example of how melody can bring something special to the rap genre. The intro to the song is a great example, with some really vibe-driven autotuned vocal melodies that make me think of artists such as T Pain or Lil Wayne, just to mention a few. I love how the vocal effects are used to create a truly special and unique atmosphere on this track.

The verse goes on with a really insane lyrical flow, blending melody and energy, as the beat goes on. The sound of the beat has got a really cool 808-type drum machine feel, and the synth pads are amazing. There are some great background textures, as well as some bell-like notes adding clarity and depth to the track. “Roll” is a great single with some chill vibes, yet lot of energy. Take a listen below!!!


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NASCARR NAT is a rapper hailing from The Bronx, NYC, currently based in Atlanta, GA.

His music is a blend of quality hip-hop that echoes the grit and textural grooves of old school releases, while focusing on a modern edge in terms of production and lyrics. NASCARR began collaborating with talented producer Luney Tunez, but he was also introduced to Future during the time he was focusing on his own musical project.

This led him to collaborate on many different projects, as well as touring together with FUTURE and becoming part of the Freebandgang camp. NASCARR NAT’s flow deals with hardships, dreams and smart observations of life, following in the footsteps of the greatest hip-hop storytellers of all generations – from Biggie Smalls and Jay Z to Kendrick Lamar. 

NASCARR is also working on his own brand, “No Loyalty, No Love” – also known as NOLO. The recent mixtape he released also includes contributions from Will a Fool & KE, as he’s now back with Designer, ready to hit even harder with more flow! 

Find out more and don’t miss out on his banging new release, “Roll”.

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