Canadian Builder to Create New Furniture from Recycled Materials

Build furniture out of reclaimed wood and materials instead of leaving it go to a land fill.

Andrew, an independent builder from Saskatchewan, Canada has announced that he will be seeking public support for his project of creating furniture from reclaimed/recycled materials. After years of research and development, he has found a market for reclaimed material furniture and he is trying to use as much reclaimed material in his building process as possible. These materials include pallets, scrap wood and metal come from all industries in the Saskatchewan area. Andrew brings back the left over materials to his acreage where he dismantles and reorganizes them into more useful objects from wood or metal. To improve the quality of the furniture made from these materials, Andrew needs to buy new tools and equipment and for that he needs help and support from everyone.

In order to expand this project and get new tools to improve the quality of his furniture, he is now seeking help on Kickstarter and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to back this project. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise CA$ 20,000 by Monday, April 17th 2017 and everyone is welcome to support it on Kickstarter.

Andrew intends to use the money raised by this campaign towards tools and equipment to make the materials a little bit more manageable and be able to reuse more of the products. Tools like a 24″ planer to give the wood a better surface to stain and glue. Moreover, a better ventilation system and dust collection for the shop so dust control and chemicals aren’t as much of a health hazard from all the pallets and recycled contents. In addition, he will also be needing logistics to move these materials and the products.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will help Andrew get the equipment and tools he needs to improve and expand his work and he needs maximum help for that. Everyone is welcome to support Andrew by backing his project on Kickstarter using the following link:

About This Project:

This project has been initiated by an independent Canadian builder, Andrew who creates quality furniture and useful products from recycled materials such as wood and metals. He is crowdfunding this project to expand his work and get more sophisticated tools that will help him produce better quality furniture.

Media Contact
Company Name: Old Trail Furnishings
Contact Person: Andrew Knudtson
Phone: 3062622639
City: Saskatoon
State: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada