Young & Upcoming Author: Daryl-Jarod Announces the Release of his latest book: ‘Silk – The Complete Trilogy’

USA – Amazon Kindle bestselling author: Daryl-Jarod celebrates the success of his recently launched book: ‘Silk – The Complete Trilogy’. The title marks the highly anticipated, and equally warm welcomed completion of Jarod’s fourth installment attributed to the ‘Silk’ series: a collection of the author’s finest work in Erotica genre’.

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Silk’s fourth installment has received mixed reviews from various critiques. However, Daryl’s loyal readers have appraised his creative ink in an encouraging fashion. Already, a staggering number of reviews highlight the quintessential title as the young writer’s latest venture. Each story is equally engaging, complex and has a gravitating effect on those who aspire to read tales of sexual encounters, bittersweet romance, and beautifully narrated short stories.

‘Silk – The Complete Trilogy’ is available as an e-book at Amazon for Kindle owners, and also in the paperback edition for traditional readers. Regardless, the fourth installment promises to take readers by surprise, as the plot thickens against a unique steamy background in each story.

According to one of the reviewers at the book’s respective Amazon sales page, “I enjoyed reading the creative storylines and variety in this collection. This is the perfect book to read to get your juices flowing because its nicely packed and sensual in every sense of the word. Everyone needs a little Silk in their lives!

In addition to being a young and upcoming author, Daryl is also making a name for himself in the arts, and music industry. He aims to inspire his fans purely with hard work and dedication put in through countless hours throughout his professional life.  When he’s not busy penning down bursts of creativity and vivid imagination, Daryl-Jarod actively partakes in a multitude of acting & music related projects.

About Daryl-Jarod:

Daryl-Jarod is an author, recording artist, and actor, who was bit by the writing bug at an early age. He aspires to give fans something unique and fresh with each piece of work he creates. Daryl resides in Southern California, where he is hard at work on various literary and music projects.

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