Seasoned educator, Nansea Cross, launches book and website with secret math teaching skills

The reason why many school age kids are not doing well in mathematics has something to do with the teaching approach. Let’s face it, mathematics is difficult to understand, and it will take an extra effort to encourage young children to develop an interest in it.

Mind Blowing Math is a program created to present mathematics in a fun and exciting way. The book is a product of over ten years of research, experimenting with teaching concepts and working with elementary thru high school students, so as to build a foundation upon which to grow. The website will help students learn lots of hidden patterns, while also providing worksheets, and a book for math teachers, parents, and people who like to work with numbers.

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“I have discovered lots of hidden patterns in numbers. What I will reveal in the multiplication tables will blow your mind. These hidden patterns set the foundation for a whole new level of math, which has never been revealed before. This will create more excitement and enjoyment for students learning math. I will provide tools for you to use with your students where they can discover these hidden patterns in numbers for themselves,” said Nansea Cross, creator of Mind Blowing Math.

Mind Blowing Math is created for tutors and educators who need help teaching math to their students. Filled with secrets and patterns in math, it offers an easy and fun way for kids to learn multiplication tables and other math skills. Tutors are also provided with the resources to be able to deliver fundamental and minimum basic skills needed to guarantee a solid math foundation for students. The learning process will afford the students to learn their basic skills in addition and multiplication and have fun during the process.

“I find Nansea Cross’ approach very fascinating. She is a true genius who has worked tirelessly to unravel previously unknown secrets and patterns that make it more fun and relaxing to learn mathematics. I had a rewarding and revealing experience using the methods with my students. I am glad I discovered this fantastic idea,” said Clara S, an educator.

The website provides worksheets and lesson plans tutors can download and use in their classrooms, as well as video lessons, and blogs specifically prepared to make their jobs easier. The book which is available on, and, will become one of the most important books for teaching mathematics.

About Mind Blowing Math

Mind Blowing Math is a website dedicated to providing research-based tools for teaching math to kids in a fun and exciting way. The platform offers previously unknown math teaching skills and patterns that can be used to help kids have a solid foundation in the subject.

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