Daughter writes a book about journey with her mother suffering from Alzheimer

Shelby A Tilly has recently announced the launch of her book, Hanging with Gforce: Our Journey through Alzheimer’s via Facebook where ‘G-Force’ is the name given by her and family to the mother suffering from Alzheimer. In this book, she describes the journey with her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer in 2009. Through this book, she hopes to provide people with a realistic view of Alzheimer and how it affects the person suffering from it as well as those around them.

Shelby took care of her mother as she battled with the disease which made her loose memory. She describes in this book about the emotions she went through as she saw her mother turning into a different person. She tells how she learned to laugh at the little things and cry about the bigger ones.  She affectionately called her mother “Gforce” and this book of hers follows her facebook post describing their lives as she battled with the disease. Despite the fact that this book is based on a heart-wrenching subject, it also tells about many light-hearted moments about her mother doing funny things and saying silly things because she couldn’t remember. This book will provide the reader a true idea about Alzheimer through a real life story while also provide a little courage and consolation to the families going through a similar situation.

Shelby made a facebook post in 2009 and it went through till Oct 2013. It describes the life of her mother, stating the effect of the disease on her daily activities such as cooking, bathing, taking medicines and other things. She started needing help in every aspect of her life and basically became like a child who needed constant care.  The post gives insights into the incidents when her mother used to chase down people in the store to speak to them and starting conversations in Doctor’s office or anywhere else. She even thought Barrack Obama was her BFF and was positive he called her for advice. He even gave her military kisses, according to her.

When Shelby’s daughter was pregnant, she thought she was pregnant too and even tried to register at Buy Buy Baby for her new baby. With each passing day, her memories were getting distorted and she was becoming a totally different person. These true incidents and situations about someone suffering from Alzheimer’s are meant to provide the readers an in-depth idea about the impact of the disease. The patient suffers from night terrors, screaming, hollering, crying and going through fits. “This book is meant for someone who really wants to know what living with an Alzheimer’s patient is like. It looks at the bad, sad and honest reality of Alzheimer’s,” says Shelby.

The book can be found on Amazon.com

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