“FIREBALL RUN” — The Adventurally Series Is Using Their Platform To Distribute Missing Children Posters

FIREBALL RUN Reality TV Series has distributed over 55,000 missing child posters, resulting in 42 missing children recoveries.

BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS, September 1, 2014ADEYS TV, the well known Streaming Internet TV Network, has been supporting the great work done by FIREBALL RUN in behalf of Missing Children, and is carrying their TV series. This is a unique “Adventurally Series”, and is a part live event, part streaming show, and part episodic online TV series. FIREBALL RUN is an 8 day, 14 destination life-altering experience. Although teams drive from location to location it is not a true rally, and it is most definitely NOT a scavenger hunt. FIREBALL RUN is a life-sized trivial pursuit game; to score, teams solve clues and accomplish tasks. The clues are based upon the teams geographical position.

The official Charity of the FIREBALL RUN is the “Child Rescue Network”, and 100% of any donations made on the Fireball.com website goes to the Charity. Each year this reality TV Series distributes over 55,000 Missing Children Posters throughout the events, which has resulted in a phenomenal recovery of 42 missing children. ADEYS TV invites everybody to stop by the network and enjoy FIREBALL RUN on Free TV, while supporting the worthy cause.

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