Announcing A New Way to Print in Huge Volumes and High Precision

Forge 1 – the world`s first 3D printer which utilizes the light of a tablet for curing the resin will produce high quality prints, in huge dimensions for a fraction of the costs we are used to.

Ushering in a veritable revolution in the field of 3D printing, Visionsforge announced its Forge One printer earlier today to much fanfare as part of a new crowdfunding campaign the company is running on Indiegogo.

Forge One is the world’s first ever 3D printer to use the light of a tablet to cure the resin that it prints, making it not only convenient but cost-effective and accessible. 3D printing, which until now has remained chiefly in the realm of large business usage, will soon be a universally-accessible technology thanks to Visionsforge.

As part of this latest round of funding, Visionsforge CEO Fabrizio Guadagnino has announced an early-bird offer that includes a 13.3-inch, upper-tier tablet package that costs just $999.

Forge One has wowed experts with its huge print volume, its high precision, it ease of use, its fully upgradeable software and hardware, and its overall efficiency, which makes it the most innovating 3d  printer on the market.

As a sort of cherry on top, Visionsforge intends to plant one tree for every Forge One printer that is sold.


For more information about Forge 1 and its amazing features, visit or visit to see the amazing crowdfunding campaign




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