QPS Hepatic Biosciences & PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. Launch Novel Human / Human™ Hepatic Co-Culture Model (patent pending)

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – 28 Mar, 2017 – QPS Holdings, LLC, a contract research organization (CRO) and cell products supplier with headquarters in Newark, Delaware, and operations in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. of Branford, Connecticut, today announced the release of their new co-developed Human / Human™ Hepatic & Stromal Co-Culture Model. 


For many years, researchers in ADME , toxicology, virology, and cell biology have struggled to identify and obtain cryopreserved human hepatocytes that can be cultured for an extended period (>5 days) and maintain expression of major metabolic and drug transporter pathways as the need for more extensive characterization of hepatic interactions and secondary metabolism evaluation have also increased.

The Human / Human™ model represents a fully human-derived system that is well characterized and suited for long-term culture (>30 days), while maintaining cytochrome P450, phase II, and drug transporter gene expression over the course of 5 to 30 days minimally. The supporting temporal activity data of this model demonstrates the utility of the Human / Human™ system for a variety of applications.

QPS and PhoenixSongs are jointly offering pre-cultured Human / Human™ plates to researchers (assay ready) as well as cryopreserved kits and training to allow end users to co-culture in their own laboratories. QPS and PhoenixSongs are positioned and committed to offer the Human / Human™ model (including media) at a cost that is much less than any co-culture model on the market—essentially at a cost comparable to traditional cryopreserved hepatocytes.

This Human / Human™ model is patent pending.


“Our research staff, technical support team and business development are extremely excited about the Human / Human™ model and its potential impact and implications to preclinical research. Our hope, with continual collaboration and partnerships, is that our new system can help better predict clinical outcomes and potential safety risks of new chemical entities in discovery and development,” said Shiloh Barfield, a co-inventor and the Vice President of Technical Sales at QPS Hepatic Biosciences.

“Together, we have worked extremely hard to develop a model with more physiological relevance and more reproducibility than traditional in vitro liver systems and together with QPS, we are in a very unique position to offer the Human / Human™ to our partners at a price everyone should be pleased with,” said Richard Malavarca, President of PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc.


Founded in 1995, QPS is a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) and a GLP/GCP-compliant CRO supporting discovery, preclinical, and clinical drug development. QPS provides quality services to pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and academic groups, as well as research centers, worldwide. The linearly integrated core competencies include: DMPK, toxicology, bioanalysis, translational medicine, early stage clinical research, and Phase 2 – 4 clinical research. Regional laboratories and testing facilities are located at QPS headquarters in Newark, DE, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Research Triangle Park, NC, USA; South Miami, FL, USA; Groningen, The Netherlands; Graz, Austria; Hyderabad, India; and Taipei, Taiwan.

For more information, visit http://www.qps.com or www.hepaticbio.com


PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc. was founded by Dr. Lola M. Reid, Marsha Roach (stem cell research and cellular model development) and Richard Malavarca (media formulation, development, and production) who all have vast experience developing cellular models in the pharmaceutical industry covering all phases of the drug discovery, development, and research process. More specifically, the founders have expertise in developing pre-clinical cellular model systems with human, bovine, porcine and rodent embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, neural stem cells and neuronal model systems, hepatic stem cells, and biliary tree stem cells. They also have expertise in custom media and maturational lineages of human and rodent livers, and biliary tree and pancreas, and in using hormonally defined media and extracellular matrix conditions for these cells. Their collective expertise enables PhoenixSongs Biologicals to establish stem cells or differentiated cell derivatives under wholly defined conditions as models for use in academic and industrial investigations.

For more information, visit www.phoenixsongsbio.com

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