Lack of (ADA) Disability Access Can Lead to Costly Lawsuits for Businesses – Protection is Crucial

Los Angeles, CA – ADA Inspection is a certified access specialist service in southern California servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego communities. Their team of supreme CASp experts perform a variety of ADA compliance and DSA overviews for many properties throughout the state as ADA lawsuits are currently on the rise in 2017. ADA Inspection reviews commercial and government properties specifically to detect whether there is alack of ADA access/ compliance so property owners and companies can mitigate any ADA lawsuit risk potential. Their certified access specialist reviews parking lots, schools, government buildings, public bathrooms, and restaurants, as well as other commercial properties with public access.

Due to lack of ADA (disability access), many companies are often sued and forced to pay immense fines when lacking regulated disability access on their commercial properties. These unnecessary lawsuits are always costly, sometimes resulting in companies going out of business because they cannot afford the large fine and the required construction to build proper ADA access. Many businesses forget the ADA is essential when purchasing a property, or constructing a commercial building. Typically it is less costly to include ADA in the building’s initial construction plan and to make sure an ADA company like ADA-Inspection reviews your property before allowing the public to access it. Unfortunately, these ADA compliance lawsuits can come when one least expects it, harming businesses and causing property owners stress and panic.

Lawsuits are never fun to deal with, especially when they end up costing property owners more money than expected. Many businesses do not know or understand ADA access and this is why it’s important to take action sooner than later. At ADA Inspection, they believe in helping property owners in achieving the important step in mitigating future liability to their property by providing. Hiring a professional ADA Compliance/ CASp, is the first step properties should consider when opening to the public and each should be thoroughly reviewed for disability access. ADA-Inspection review is available for all commercial, educational, and private properties in Los Angeles, California, and most of southern California. Everything is done through their ADA/DSA consultant that are licensed construction professionals who fully understand the complexity of a customer’s project, and will counsel alongside customers who run into any challenges.

“We encourage all businesses and government buildings open to the public to obtain an ADA/ CASp walk through as soon as possible,” says the company spokesperson Matt Martin.

As a dependable DSA, ADA, and quality control service, ADA Inspection values every customer’sneeds. Their team promises to oversee projects from beginning to end, to help property owners avoid unwanted lawsuits. Providing constructive counsel and clear processes, they also strive to keep ongoing communication.

As a top ADA compliance service in Casp Los Angeles California, ADA Inspection is California’s premier ADA/ DSA service – Call Today (714) 500-7585

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